How we will develop your new project

Hi geeks. We have created this post to make known what are the steps that we follow from the first to the last day of your new development software project.

Before starting, we ensure the best communication tools such as Skype, email or phone, and keep the first meeting under that way. Our team is excessively transparent.

We use SCRUM as agile development methodology. During the first meeting we collect all the information necessary to provide a fair proposal. We divide the process into different stages of 1-5 weeks, and we coordinate a meeting with our team and you each week, where you can see the progress of each stage with respect to the entire project.

At the end of the development time, we give you access to test the system for a short period, then we integrate the system to your real business.That's all!

If you still want more information, please write us to, or phones: CR (+506) 4000-1104, USA +1 (305) 704-7306. Our Skype is alpocr.

Thanks for reading us.


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