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How To Watch TV over SIP and WebRTC

Based on SIPWISE, now we can use open source software for watch TV over Internet, using SIP and WebRTC, like live streaming and video-on-demand.

Streaming media to a browser via WebRTC requires you to deliver an audio stream encoded with Opus (or G711, which is not really a viable option due to the quality), and a video stream encoded with VP8 (or probably H264 in the future), both encrypted via DTLS-SRTP. So on one hand you need a signalling server negotiating the audio and video codecs, and on the other hand you need a media engine, transcoding the streams to the requested codecs and encrypting it with the keys, which are negotiated in-band within the media stream.

Now the idea is to be able to simply call a subscriber (e.g. via SIP and get the content streamed to your client.
Since we’ve quite some tools at hand at Sipwise, the choice is fairly simple, and the architecture of our WebRTC streaming platform is going to look like this:

Learn more on SIPWISE blog post.