Hardware In Your Office vs Hardware In The Cloud

Most companies operate with the help of technology. Important business files are safeguarded usually on servers with large capacities. Every day we are looking for ways to be more efficient and reduce operating costs as possible.

So today the cloud allows us to maintain the same operations, but the equipment staying virtually online.

Your company can decide between host servers in the office or host them in the cloud. This post will explain the difference:
  • Hardware in the office:  This mode requires a major investment of both money and time. You must cover the costs of purchasing the equipment, and the necessary monitoring and security tools. Your company should consider hiring an expert to be able to operate the equipment.

  • Hardware in the cloud: When your company decides to host the servers in the cloud, your company loses the concern of security, stability and availability, as the cloud ensures 99.99% uptime. Your company can host databases, complete billing systems, customer systems administration, file backups , full servers, and everything. You pay-as-go (small fee only for the hours that your business use the cloud resources).
Summary: If your company is starting, consider keeping your hardware in the cloud, it will allow you to grow as your business grows without incurring extra costs or extra concerns.

If you have a question or if you need help to migrate to the cloud, please contact us.


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