How Free E-Books Can Get New Leads

A free e-book is a simple book where brands can give recommendations, guides, science papers, best way to do anything, etc.

This is a very good marketing strategy for getting new leads. For this, is most important to know who is reading our e-books. So, you have to show a simple form to get name, email and phone, for example, of our visitors.

The e-books content should be direct, explict and to a specific target. Medicine, Web Development, Mobile Development, Businesses, Startups.

When someone decide to download your first e-book,  will have your brand on your mind always, and then maybe can to buy.

If you are very good doing something, or if have a diferent point of view from something, write an e-book and start to be diferent. And, if you need help to embed a form in your website, or designing a landing page for your e-book download page, please contact us.


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