How Pay-per-click Ad Works?

Pay-per-click ad is one of great advertiser method over Internet. In this post you will learn how this method work, the networks where we can publish and some tips.

We have helped tens of new brands to position themselves on the Internet, be recognized and get hundreds of new sales per month.

The concepts "campaign", "ad" and "budget" are maintained. A campaign is a group of ads targeted to specific people. The Ad is the message that you want to spread. A budget is the final money that you can pay; no more.

You can setup keywords for every ad; when a user searches or view content with keyword related, Google, Facebook or Twitter will show the ad (in computers, tablets or smartphones). Then, if the user click it, you pay a little fee (depending your target) from your budget.

Hundreds of companies around the world are investing fee and getting new leads every day. If you need help for start  to grow your business over Internet, please contact us.


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