What Kind Of Resources We Can Host In The Cloud?

Everything. Cloud is a set of computing services who help to maintain complete business processes, hosted in America, Europe or Asia, and accessible from Internet.

Netflix, for example, are running on Amazon AWS; hundreds of movies are playing on hundreds of servers around the world. Facebook, Google, YouTube, Gmail, Hotmail, Angry Brids mobile game and anothers big web services are hosted in the cloud, too.

You can host:
  • complete servers in VPS (virtual private servers) - email servers, web servers, proxy servers, PBX servers
  • databases (SQL or non-sql)
  • huge files
  • mobile backends and web apps
The great feature of cloud is that you pay ONLY for services used. It's open doors for entrepreneurs and startups.

If you want to know how much money your business will have saved, please write us right now and we will help you as soon we can.


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