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SpellUp, otro juego de Google

Google se ha caracterizado por crear cierto tipo de recursos que llaman la atención. Hoy ha puesto al aire un juego educativo que trata de deletrear palabras. Yo lo jugué, y la verdad, está bastante bien elaborado y conforme los niveles suben, también la dificultad de las palabras.

Este tipo de mini-sitios/juegos son creados, casi en la mayoría de los casos, para comprobar el rendimiento de Google Chrome con las últimas librerías para desarrolladores de aplicaciones modernas.

Bueno, está en este link. ¡A jugar!

Monitoring Switchvox with SNMP and Zabbix

Switchvox SMB 4.5 introduces the ability to expose the PBX’s operational data with the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Now you can keep tabs on your Switchvox along with other devices on your network in a single SNMP monitor.

In this article, from Digium, you can find some quick examples of things you can do with this. But, if you need help, contact us.

If you want we help you on your new ip voice system for your business, please write us right now.

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Build a Parent Notifier using the Switchox API

Aaron Daniel, from Digium Developers, share this article with us, where we can learn how to build a parent notifier using Switchvox Extend API.

Imagine that you’re a school system and you want to create a scheduling system that calls parents when their child is absent from class. You’re already running the very intuitive, user friendly Switchvox system, and you know it has some neat programming interfaces that allow you to do many interesting things.

In the article Aaron uses the Switchvox Extend API’s and a little PHP programming to interface with your Switchvox.

If you business need help for implement this feature on your communication system, please write us.

America's Leading Metros for Venture Capital

A lot of people has been asking me about where to raise capital for your idea. I was found a list (in this blog post) where stay the most important VCs of US.

The Bay Area remains at the top, but several cities are starting to catch up.

Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Austin, Los Angeles and Washintong are some cities on the top of list. Click on the left side image for enlarge and see the complete map.

Go go go! See you!

Google Search Volume. Internet Day.

Today is Internet Day, and based on this we want to share a Chrome project who shows volumen search in Google.

On Google I/O 2013, when Larray was talking about Oracle legal issues, a huge screen showed the searching in Google in real time, by country. Was amazing! And now, here is the code on GitHub :)

Enjoy this experiements, feel free to modify it, learn and share. Check it out.

Pura vida!

Teclado en el Brazo para Google Glass

¡Esto se pone bueno!

Miniuum es un teclado para Google Glass que funciona en el brazo.

El funcionamiento de Miniuum es sencillo, el usuario tan sólo tendrá que inclinar un poco la cabeza en la dirección de la tecla que queremos y tocar el panel táctil de Glass para obtener ese carácter.

La aplicación demuestra que escribir desde el dispositivo puede ser más sencillo que realizar movimientos con la cabeza. Con sus algoritmos predictivos obtendremos aquellas palabras que queramos escribir de manera sencilla y rápida.

Aquí los dejo con el video.

Gracias a GGlassDay.

5 Quick Tips to Optimize Your Site for Mobile Users

Today, must of visitors come from mobile devices. Is very important build responsive web sites, to get more leads.

In this article, WorkIntelligent, label 5 quick tips to optimize your web site for mobile users.

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7 Mobile Technology Skills You Need to Master

As mobile technology becomes more and more mainstream, workers need these important skills for the new world of work.

I want to share with you a WorkIntelligent's article, with 7 mobile technology skills to keep in mind. For example, manage the camera, the battery, notifications, sending and receiving data.

If your company need help with a specific skill to build and grow your mobile app, please feel free to contact us.

Browse Switchvox Call Recordings with iTunes Cover Flow

Always be communicated is one of the challenges that we, as technologists, we have. Switchvox is a great unified communications solution oriented to business.

I found this tutorial where developers can build a complete browse call recording with iTunes Cover Flow.

We are determined to help all companies doing business in the world business, hand of technology, and with the least possible resources.

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