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Learn What's Google Adwords and How it Works.

Google Adwords is a very intelligent and good platform for advertising on Internet. One of most important key features of online advertising is what easy to measuring the campaign and the investing (ROI reports).

Google Adwords helps to grow your company, targeting your ads on smartphones, websites, Google search result and YouTube. Low-resources companies loves Google Adwords, because it can adjust to their budget, paying just for their needs.

On the following video you can learn more about Adwords.

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17 Web Resources That Will Improve Your Productivity

Maggie is a writer, and she posted on BusinessInsider review about many web resources for improving own productivity in the office, and we want to share it with you and your startup.

Is highly recommended try to follow, at least one of this list, and see how the productivity can change.

We don't have added any description on the links, because we want you enter and discover it by you.

Many resources mentioned here are mobile apps, web apps, browser extensions or simple web articles to looking for inspiration.

Ok. Here we go:

Clear FocusCoffitivityDo Nothing For 2 MinutesDoodleEvernoteFeedlyFocusWriterHootsuiteIFTTTLiftPocketProductivity OwlSelfcontrolUnrollmeWakerupperWorkflowyWunderList How you watch it? Well, we will be glad to read your comments.