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Face Recognition with Python

Some web platform, like Facebook, Google+, Google Glass, or cameras software are implementing face recognition. FBI, CIA and others government polices are using right now face recognition.

For this example we are using SimpleCV, an open source framework builh in Python, for machine vision. You can get it and install it like a python module.

I have commented every line, but if want to explore you can read the API Doc.

SimpleCV is very easy, just 9 lines to recognizing a face in a picture.

Imaging to merge drones and face recognition? Keep hacking. See you.

Mall4G, all-in-one e-commerce platform

Mall4G is very cool project for entrepreneurs, self-producers and SMB around the world. Mall4G is an all-in-one e-commerce platform for entrepreneurs who enable you to get your own eShop site, with all batteries included.

Whats all batteries included?: shopping cart, custom URL, SSL certificate, stock management, custom designs, shipping handlers/management, POS for offline store, reports and analytics, billing, sales orders, and more.

Mall4G was launched on beta 1 month ago and it's starting to getting traction. Was selected among the top 25 startups worldwide to participate in WebSummit 2014 in Ireland. So, Mall4G project was selected among 70 of 200 better ideas in Costa Rica.

Mall4G is connected to several third parties services (payment processing, etc), all supported by Python. HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript for frontend. This project is hosted in Google Cloud and some others cloud providers (DigitalOcean and Linode) for testing and fixing.

If you want to feel the Mall4G experience,…

HealthQuo, health online platform

HealthQuo is a video health online consultation with verified medic around the world, dedicated to solve humans issues.

HQ is based in UK but it's open to entire world and provides a communication channel between healthcare professionals and people, allowing them, thanks to technology, to be closer as they had never being before

As a healthcare professional you will be able to offer your services to people that you could have never reached. As a patient, you can seek for professional guidance from verified and certified professionals who will provide you the best attention and service.

In this project we are handling some technologies to ensure the running correctly always. Yes, is hosted in cloud, of course, making a load balancing through several instances around the world.

For backend side we used Python, the 5-star lang for projects with deadlines. We used WebRTC to ensure everyone can use their webcam and mic without installing any plugin, just using their browser. After each app…