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Free Python course from CodeSchool.

Hey guys. Sunny day.

I'm just writing you because I want to share with you a free Python course from CodeSchool. This course was created by Sarah Holderness, take a look.

Just go here.

Explore the basics of Python and learn what it means to store and manipulate numbers and words as well as make decisions with your program.
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If you are looking for Python developers, ready to work, to join your team... we can provide them to you. Please go here.

How to value a company pre-revenue to give out equity?

Equity is the most popular "payment way" to co-founder's startups. So, how many equity?  Equity in no-early stage will be money, a lot of money!

This title is was the same question title in and I have found some answers that I would like to share with you.

Dimitry of SafeZone answered:

Normally, at such an early stage it is not about valuation, but rather about contribution. Each partner should get percentage that reflects their contribution to the project (say, in terms of time, skill set, contacts, and/or self-financing). There are various formulas that try to do that, but they often give different results and contain subjective factors.
In my experience, in the end it always comes down to negotiations - all potential partners decide what percentage they will feel good about.
In any case, I would suggest not to get cheap on this - good partners are hard to find. Remember that there is a ~90% chance that you will fail and these percentages will become meani…

New year, new website design.

Hey guys, hope you are doing great. Happy new year!
This is our first post of year, and as you see, it's for make sure that you take a look at our new website design. We hope some feed the website with new text/sections. Just go to

So, we are working on "Jobs" sections, lo let other geeks join our awesome team. "Contact" section will have some new features soon. BTW, we have changed the main contact email address, now please write us to hello (at) . Old email address will be deprecated soon.
Thanks so much for be there. Regards.