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Silicon Valley startups rein in spending and prepare for layoffs

Hi guys. I would like to share with you the following video about how some biggest venture-backed companies in Silicon Valley is bracing for layoffs.

So, what do you think? I'm happy to read your comments.

How We Ensure the Best Devs to Work On Your Project

Getting developers is a so huge task, no matter the technology or country/region where you based. We know it.

Today, startups is spending a lot of time and money on looking for the right people to their product development. And is very important to hire more than awesome or skilled developers, They will be part of your initial team, and the product success depends on them.

So, if your startup is backed by some investors, you probably don't want to fall down so quickly.

Here some steps that we are using in order to select the developers to work on, our internal projects or in our clients' projects, to ensure that your product will be develop on right way.

Resume filter
English test.
Pre screening interview
Tech interview
Tech test.

These steps are helping us to select just experienced people, on specific technologies.

On next posts I will describe how we are planning projects and how we are communicating with our developers in some of our offices in San Jose (Costa Rica) or Guadalajara (…

Facebook will release the next React version: 15.0.0

The next React version will be 15.0.0. Yeah. The versioning scheme has been changed and explained why here.

This change shouldn't materially affect most of you. Moving to major versions simply helps indicate our commitment to stability and gives us the flexibility to add new backwards-compatible features in minor releases. This means we can have fewer major releases and you won't have to wait as long to take advantage of improvements to React. Plus, if you're a component author, this versioning scheme gives you the flexibility to support two major versions of React at the same time so you don't need to leave anyone behind.

The core of the React API has been stable for years. Our business as well as many of yours all depend heavily on the use of React as a core piece of our infrastructure. We're committed to the stability as well as the progress of React going forward.

 If you need help with your React application, feel free to write us. Or if you need React …

Referral Program: refer a developer, receive money.

Today we are announcing a new way to get money and helping us to make a sophisticated team.

The Referral Program is very simple, and it means: if you refer/nominate a developer to any open job position, and if him/her get hired by 4Geeks, then you will receive 100 USD per candidate.

So, just you need to do is sending us an email to and share the candidate's resume you want to nominate.

Most typical regions when we are hiring people is Guadalajara (Mexico), San Jose (Costa Rica) and Bogotá (Colombia).

Do you know some geek to nominate?

A/B Testing free course from Google

Google is offering an A/B Testing free course. Just to need to open an account in Udacity, and start building the next 4Geeks member :)

This course will take, approximately, one month (studying 6 hours per week). 100% online.

The couse summary:

This course will cover the design and analysis of A/B tests, also known as split tests, which are online experiments used to test potential improvements to a website or mobile application. Two versions of the website are shown to different users - usually the existing website and a potential change.

Then, the results are analyzed to determine whether the change is an improvement worth launching.

This course will cover how to choose and characterize metrics to evaluate your experiments, how to design an experiment with enough statistical power, how to analyze the results and draw valid conclusions, and how to ensure that the the participants of your experiments are adequately protected.

If you complete this course and get experience, take a l…

Parse will shutdown on 2017. Here what you can do.

I know a LOT OF services running on Parse. Bad news: Parse will shutdown on 2017 and a lot of startups probably are thinking "what a hell I'm going to do?".

"We have a difficult announcement to make. Beginning today we’re winding down the Parse service, and Parse will be fully retired after a year-long period ending on January 28, 2017".

Facebook's Parse had got a huge number of startups, but today they says bye bye. Here the official post.
Migrate to another cloud:
"We’re releasing a database migration tool that lets you migrate data from your Parse app to any MongoDB database. During this migration, the Parse API will continue to operate as usual based on your new database, so this can happen without downtime."

Feel free to put your data on Google Appengine. Here a developer guide by using MongoLab and Google Appengine.

Build your own Parse Server:
"We’re releasing the open source Parse Server, which lets you run most of the Parse API from your ow…