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Introducing Huxtel, Get suppot for Django and Wordpress.

Hey guys, hope you are doing well. Today we are announcing a new departmental at the company: support and maintenance for websites. We have named Huxtel.

We are starting Huxtel with 2 main backed web frameworks: Django and Wordpress. Both are so popular in startup around the globe. A lot of companies need a serious team who guard their security and data integrity, right away. That's why we are launching Huxtel.

Huxtel is a 4Geeks company.
4Geeks is a company with more than 8 experience years in web & cloud development, and cloud computing.Working with tech project of all sizes.

So, if you need help with deployments, backups, 24/7 security monitoring, data migrations, code help or custom code help, please subscribe to a plan here, and get our experience and love right away.

Oh, take a look at the Huxtel blog here.

Take care.