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3 Ruby Gems to Code Analysis

By using Rails We can explore an endless of tools that We can use a more efficient and quick code. Also, We can find tools that allow us to review our implementation.  There is a lot to be listed and ready to go, but We want to show you which ones are vital for Us here in 4Geeks. 1. Rubycritic
This gem generates a full report about the current quality of our code, by using different gems of analysis like ReekFlog y Flay. Installationgem 'rubycritic', require: false
Execution$ rubycritic
This will generate a HTMl document where We can find the state of our code and also be able to analyse all the smells returned. Here, in 4Geeks this gem is used often to check and confirm that the code written is using the Rails standards and quality.  2. Rubocop
Rubocop is a gem very interesting, which is a static code analysis, totally based on the ruby style guide, who is the one that provides all the standards that ruby demands. This gem will show to us a detailed report  with all the rule violat…

Setup and Run an Angular 4 Project

Angular 4 was available on past March 23, with some new features and changes, that make it an smaller and faster framework to build modern web and mobile application.

Some features like:  a powerful View EngineAnimation PackageImproved *ngIf and *ngForTypeScript 2.1 and 2.2 compatibilityAngular Universal: it allow to run Angular on a server.Ok, let's start creating and running an Angular 4 project, from scratch.
Install Node and NPMFirst, you need to have Node and NPM.  Verify that you are running at least node 6.9.x and npm 3.x.x by running node -v and npm -v in a terminal/console window. Older versions produce errors, but newer versions are fine.
If you are from Mac, you can use brew (brew install node). If you are from Linux, you can use the nodesource repos.
Create a new project with Angular CLIAngular CLI is a very easy tool, that can help you create some initials scripts, like the project, providers, components, modules, etc.  Check out the complete documentation for more details…

Identifying videos with Google Video Intelligence

Google is the API-master company in the world, putting awesome ideas and helping a lot of companies around the globe to make great software, and now is the opportunity for video.

Many months ago Google launched a service to analyze photos... I mean, to understand photos. People, animals, objetcs or whatever.

Google Video Intelligence is here, and let us dream bigger. Data is the king.

Google Cloud Video Intelligence API makes videos searchable, and discoverable, by extracting metadata with an easy to use REST API. You can now search every moment of every video file in your catalog and find every occurrence as well as its significance.

It quickly annotates videos stored in Google Cloud Storage, and helps you identify key nouns entities of your video, and when they occur within the video. Separate signal from noise, by retrieving relevant information at the video, shot or per frame.

Now is easier to understand videos by extracting actionable insights from video,  understand the overall conte…