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Goodbye to jQuery as dependency on Rails

One of the most popular Javascript libraries was used as a dependency on Rails and has a lot to do with the opinions of its creator who believes that most of the front-end needs could be met using a library like jQuery.

Why did Rails use it?
This library was used for some "rails-ujs" functionality which is a dependency of Rails to perform some basic actions without the need to refresh the browser.

In Rails 5.1, "rails-ujs" was rewritten using pure Javascript, so the dependency on jQuery no longer makes sense.

Unlike projects with previous versions the application.js file no longer needs:

//= require jquery
//= require jquery_ujs

And replaces it with

//= require rails-ujs

Of course, if we consider that jQuery is sufficient for our needs of Javascript the only thing we have to do is add it to the Gemfile and proceed as if nothing had happened or use the new rails package manager:
Install yarn on Mac:

brew install yarn

Add jQuery to Rails project, run the command from Rails home…

Introducing 4Geeks Payments

We are so happy to introduce you 4Geeks Payments, and API to process debit and credit cards. Our development team has been working so hard on last months.

This service is in BETA, so we are allowing only a limited number of companies in Costa Rica. If you are interested, please go to this page and apply by filling the form. We are working hard to allow new countries, so please follow us on Facebook.

Right now 4Geeks Payments API only works with Costa Rican companies, but it can charge money from global credit or debit cards

Simple (manual) charges or subscriptions model (recurrently).
5.5% + $0.30 per successful transaction. No contracts. No hidden fees.
Support 24/7

We feel this service can improve the local entrepreneur vision, by putting on your hands the best tools to going global faster.

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