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Introducing the Geek Hour, 2nd season.

Hey guys! It's been a while since we start the Geek Hour, today, I'm so happy to announce that, some years later, we releasing our Geek Hour again. We have learned so much during this time, so, we think, it's the best moment to share all knowledge gain with the community.

The Geek Hour is an online show about technologybusiness and marketing, for free. Our idea is to share and create discussion.

If you want to be part of this release, we invite you to subscribe to the YouTube channel. All sessions will be recorded and published in there.

Since our goal is to create discussions we are happy to receive questions and feedback after each session. It would be great if you attend live to answer your questions.

We are putting together more and more sessions, which will be presented each month.

The first show will be on next Aug 31, 2017, and we will talk about Elixir.

Please, check out the schedule page, and share with your colleagues the next show. See you around!

How Important Is Take Care of the Company Culture

At the beginnings, 4Geeks started working 100% from home. Maybe was a mistake. Maybe was part of the process. And that was very difficult to grow. Lesson learned. Are your company right here?

The point is that some months ago to moved to a new office. A bit bigger. Big tables and great snacks, bla, bla. And, you know, the 4Geeks face changed a 100%. That's exactly what your company need to do to strong their company culture.
But, why is important the company culture?
Because of the long-term vision. Public confidence. Easy to hire top talent.

So, now we are also focus on the team member's happiness. If they are OK, the projects are OK. Clients happy. Company is OK. This is a win-win situation.

Culture is not about high salaries.

Bonuses are important in the software industry, because everything is changing very fast. So, software companies need to be sure they are a good option to get top talent.

Some "bonuses" that the team are getting are today are:

Beer Friday.
Snacks at t…

Email Validation: A Critical Success Factor in Email Marketing

Businesses and consumers alike rely on emails for information and as a primary communication channel. As a result, email marketing is a high priority for businesses of all types and sizes.

Despite the creation of comprehensive email strategies, very few companies include email validation as a weapon in their arsenal. Dead-end email accounts slowly clog up your contact lists, wasting time and dollars as you send messages that are doomed to bounce back. Without this essential tool, even a masterfully crafted email marketing program can fall flat.

Focus on the audience that wants your emails.
Numerous statistics substantiate the reason why marketers are investing so much in email marketing. For example, The Radicati Group states that the total number of global email accounts is expected to exceed 4.9 billion by the end of 2017. Among those email users, 57 percent spend between 10 and 60 minutes reviewing marketing emails each week, as reported by ChoozOn.

With all this in mind, it’s no wonde…

A new 4Geeks website is up

Hey guys. I'm so happy to show you the new 4Geeks website. We improved some important design points, and added new services. That's the good part.

This look change comes with new 4Geeks era, focused 100% in customers final results. We want to impact millions. I'm pretty sure that you will hear us constantly. We also want to hear you.

Our team is growing. Same our mindset and responsibility. So, some new services are VR/AR, Voice Service (business integrations with Google Home or Amazon Alexa), Paid Media and Inbound Marketing.

We love share knowledge and valued content with the community. To win, our philosophy is to give.

We put our heart on every project that we worked on. We never lose. We learn. Our mindset is always winner, and we want to win again together with you by making you bigger and stronger.

Tech lovers. Website is running in the Google Cloud Platform. By the way, now all the 4Geeks website is encrypted, so to browse on it now is safer.

I have tons of new ideas. My…

(Q&A) 4Geeks Payments, sesion #1

Hoy fue la primer sesión de preguntas y respuestas aquí en la oficina, acerca de 4Geeks Payments, y aquí les tenemos la grabación del video, por si no pudiste verlo en vivo, o por si quieres verlo nuevamente.

De verdad que estamos muy contentos de poder ayudar a muchos proyectos interesantes en Costa Rica, a ser global lo más rápido posible.

Posiblemente esta no sea la primer sesión, así que síguenos en redes sociales para que sepas lo último.

Si aún no te has dado de alta en 4Geeks Payments y empezar a usar el sistema de pruebas, aplica aquí.