A new 4Geeks website is up

Hey guys. I'm so happy to show you the new 4Geeks website. We improved some important design points, and added new services. That's the good part.

This look change comes with new 4Geeks era, focused 100% in customers final results. We want to impact millions. I'm pretty sure that you will hear us constantly. We also want to hear you.

Our team is growing. Same our mindset and responsibility. So, some new services are VR/AR, Voice Service (business integrations with Google Home or Amazon Alexa), Paid Media and Inbound Marketing.

We love share knowledge and valued content with the community. To win, our philosophy is to give.

We put our heart on every project that we worked on. We never lose. We learn. Our mindset is always winner, and we want to win again together with you by making you bigger and stronger.

Tech lovers. Website is running in the Google Cloud Platform. By the way, now all the 4Geeks website is encrypted, so to browse on it now is safer.

I have tons of new ideas. My role is go for it. Step by step. Let's go out from the comfort zone and let's make real HUGE ideas.

If you have any free time, please visit the website and let me know your feedback.


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