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Why to build a MVP for your startup?

Startup founders are coming crazy over-thinking a solution and the look and feel. Some of them are spending a lot of time and money thinking in what great, and getting a wrong way.

The correct way is always where the client is. MVP is Minimum Viable Product and it's exactly that. The main core to solve an specific problem. Look at the following graphic to get to know what a MVP is and what it's not. Then, I will describe every single point below.

MVP is built to learn and apply customer feedback. Since it refers to a new idea, the startup owner should acknowledge and accept the fact that a possible user reaction is unknown and probably negative. So, It's essential to get user feedback and see if the startup has a potential. I think this is an intelligent starting point.

To clarify a little more how to identify what MVP is, I'm going to describe you the difference based on my own experience building digital products.
MVP is...

Supposed to solve a real problem: Focus on solve…

Meet Meli Arce

She is our QA team lead, always keeping our client’s products bug free. Communication is pivotal for her, making her an excellent communicator and direct in the message she wants to give. She has great communication skills; personally I and other teammates always ask her about how to improve our English in order to learn new vocabulary and correct pronunciation. She enjoys helping us.

Since day 1, Meli has improved different processes and has built a solid relationship with our client. She is very empathetic; she understands our client’s needs and always try to put herself in other people’s shoes.

She is from Desamparados, located in the southern part of San Jose. Meli is a cat lover; she has three cats: Yodais (Yoda’s eyes - very geeky name), Silvia Silvestre, and Monita. Besides that, she enjoys art, especially films … But before I start talking more about her, here you have a little interview with Meli:

How will you describe yourself?

Easy going, detail-oriented, fast learner

What do yo…

Google Cloud vs AWS. Is it one better than the other ?

Cloud computing has increase on its usage in big steps. We are a time where to have a cloud infrastructure reliable, secure and cost-effective is pretty much easy.  At the end of the day we want to see our money well invested.

At 4Geeks we have been used Google, AWS and Azure, but I want to focus on Google and Amazon ( I like them more ). My mission is to show benefits of them and to know how and when to implement them in a project.
This is totally personal, and we can discuss here, but I lost less when using Google Cloud Console, there are limited options here, and trust me, this is good for it. Console of Amazon AWS has lots of stuff which we really don't need and they only get us lost a little bit. Most of the times we don't need that quantity of features, and honestly they only get higher the learning curve.

We enjoy to work with cleanest sites where the UI is pretty straight forward and Google does that.
Billing and Pricing
I will like to go first with the free trial, those …

Meet the 4Geeks Style

For years software development companies has been doing the same old thing to try fixing modern problems. However, the world has changed, it changes every single day, that's why we need to upgrade tools, skills and everything.

Today, humanity has enormous ambitions and our mindset must agree with that. If we plan to turn dreams into realities... let's say spacial discovering, eradicate diseases, improve communication, design better transportation and some others, we need to put all our knowledge in the same picture, with responsibility.

Better video coming soon, but it would look a bit like this:
— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 9, 2018

I argue you to take the newspaper and read about a lot of issues the humanity has. How we can deal with energy problems? What the next step to reduce the global warming? It's our responsibility to deliver a better planet.

In this information era we can get answers to practically any question. The next step is to convert t…