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Best way to get your first product customers

I have seen tons of digital products die, because of many kind of reasons, but the main reason is because they can't get enough customer who pays for their product. So, you know... that product will die very very soon.

My role in 4Geeks is helping companies or individuals to build profitable digital products. My own experience in past projects (includes wins and a lot of mistakes) is letting me to advice another companies in the right way. Ohh!! It's important to say that my team in 4Geeks is so talent.

I will provide you some espectacular techniques that helped me to get our first customers. Hope it can help you too:
#1. They need trust in you:
No body will give money if they don't trust in you. It's so basic to understand that people out there will not give you money if they can't trust in you, as a honest and valuable person. So, the first step to be trusted by other people is helping.

Helping? That's correct. You need to provide the larger quantity of value to y…

Meet Allan Porras

Allan is the CEO of 4Geeks, which is a really challenging but exciting role in the company. He is always looking forward to create new cool stuff, to improve their skills and share with the team the vision and empowered all people involved in 4Geeks, this is not me saying this, all the team thinks the same way.

He is from Paso Canoas, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, in a town near to the border with Panama, which is from more than 400km from San Jose, capital of Costa Rica.

Allan has lots of experiance leading companies, in different industries, that's what He is a key part of the 4geeks team, Allan is the one that leads the company to the success. He writes all of this on his blog so, you can check it out.

In 4Geeks we love to meet the person, their likes and their ambitions, that's why we asked some question to Allan to share with the world his thoughts.

How will you describe yourself?

I describe myself as a dreamer entrepreneur, with a huge passion to helping people and impact some othe…

DevOps on business

In 4Geeks we always want to deliver successful products, using the right technology for each project. Since some years ago DevOps culture has been increasing exponentially and We agreed to take and start using it internally and with our clients as well. The result of this approach was very significant, We started to deliver faster and in a better way, products like 4Geeks Payments are using different automation tools that allow us to keep our systems always up and deploy more than once per day, really incredible.

DevOps is about to reduce gaps between development and operations. Where development is all about code management and creation, which its finality is to be sent to operations, where we ensure the code is stable and running into our infrastructure.  It's to align every department into business idea, get real outcomes. Which goes trough planning, releasing, creating and monitoring process, having an endless loop of automated process which We will cover later in this blog.


Meet Sergio Monge

Hello everyone ! This is my turn to talk about me at this time. I'm Sergio and I'm CTO at 4Geeks, a role that I really enjoy. I like to help people to make the software of their dreams. using disruptive and top notch technology. Personally I love to talk to people, create empathy with them, talk about different topics but also understand ideas.

I'm from Cartago, which is nearly to the capital. Cartago was the first capital of Costa Rica, there is not much things to do in my province, so I decided to move to San Jose.

I like to read a lot about technology, classical literature and also comic books. Though the read I think I got the capability to understand different realities, different opinions and different points of view, which I applied every day to my work at 4Geeks.

As I did before with other co-workes I will share a little interview I did to myself:

How will you describe yourself?

I see myself as a communicative persone, I like to talk but to listen. I am a very empath…