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Here is the new 4Geeks logo

Hello World !!! At 4Geeks we are very excited to present one of the smaller, but, an impactful change. A new logo is here!  This is the first step to continue with our growing, making 4Geeks more and more robust and trusted technology brand.

Some months ago We published about the 4Geeks Style, as company "slogan".  It means Right talent, right experience, right technology.

This new fresh image will just be part of this philosophy of doing things right.

We always apply everything we create external (clients) into our own product, 4Geeks. We think It's highly important to keep a fresh image and branding that can describe what we are. We look forward to hear from you about our new logo image.

Guys, any feedback? Feel free to email us.

Meet Diego Méndez

Welcome to another interview of the series Meet our Geek Team. On this occasion we talk to Diego Méndez, which is an software engineer here at 4Geeks. Diego is creating amazing products under 4Geeks branding, own software to make the world easier.

He is from Zarcero, which is a nice place un Costa Rica, They produce a lot of dairy products such as milk, cheese and sour cream. In Zarcero we can find a really amazing park with some tree sculptures. But let's meet Diego:

How will you describe yourself?

I consider myself a cheerful, respectful, kind person, and always willing to help people who need it, also a person who loves their profession and that is why I always try to do my best.

What do you do in your free time?

In my spare time I like to play soccer, go to the beach, take a walk in the mountains to clear my mind. I like to spend time with my family and friends but also I try to to learn new things about technology.

Best series you have ever watched?

The Walking Dead
La casa de Papel

Deploying a ReactJS and NextJS project to Firebase

We are in one of the best moments as developers, living among wide range of technologies, tools and trends that every day only grows and grows, and if you are passionated about learning and applying technologies during your spare time, today is the time.

Today we will focus precisely on ReactJS and the performance we can provide to our applications using the scalability of Firebase with Cloud Functions itself.

In addition, we will use the NextJS framework to server rendering, which will help us to easily configure and solve SEO issues but, more importantly, the lower degree of latency between server and client to offer the users the best experience.

Let's start!

We need first to install Next.js in our work environment:

npm install -g create-next-app

Followed We create a project named “firebase-nextjs”:

create-next-app firebase-nextjs: this command will create the project but it will also install the react and react-dom dependencies, which can be seen in the package.json file.

We run yarn …

Meet Maria Laura Gonzalez

Welcome to another interview of the series Meet our Geek Team. On this occasion we talk to Maria Laura, which is the person in charge to find 4Geeks talent around the world. Most of our engineers and talent is here because of her. She is from Venezuela.

Maria Laura answered some questions about her and her tastes:

How will you describe yourself?

I describe myself as a very organized person, I don't like improvisation and I always endeavour to doing good. If it's possible, on my part, live at peace with all.

What do you do in your free time?

I like to listen to music, rehearsing with my choir, reading books and watching series and movies.

Best series you have ever watched?


American Crime Story
How I Met Your Mother

Mountain or Beach ?

Beach, always beach. I just love the relaxing sound of the sea and swimming.

Do you do sports (adventure, extreme, endurance) ?

I currently don't practice any sport. I just sing in a choir.

Which type of music do you like?

All good sounds of rock, regg…

Have you ever thought about how Internet works?

If you are reading this article you have an Internet connection (or a very special power that should be sharing with the world). We know that the data is going to travel from our devices to the Internet and then come backs. But, what is the Internet? Popularly the Internet is a “network of networks”, all the devices that are participating in the Internet are connected to a company that serves that connection. We know them as Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The ISPs connect each other to keep the data traveling from one place to another. As you can imagine, there are a lot of ISP and some of them have better infrastructure than others. Depending of their characteristics, we have tiers that allow us to classify them in Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3.

The Tier 1 ISP allows the communication between each other, they do not bring services to the end user (you and me), and their infrastructures is bigger than other tiers. Can represent big land extensions, for example, continents, and allows the…