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Meet María Rosales

Marí José is our community manager, she takes care of having our social media activity, but more importantly with quality content. She is from the most south part of San Jose. She really loves what she is doing and help the team by creating activities where we can all be involved, which is really nice actually.

If you see some content or watch our lives streaming transmissions, well, Maria Jose is behind that :)

How will you describe yourself?

Honest, responsible, creative, cooperative, good sense of humor, I like to learn from others, work in groups.

What do you do in your free time?

Watch Netflix, read some news, spend time with the fam, meet new places, I love to sleep a LOT, so the most part of the time I prefer to sleep.

Best series you have ever watched?

La Casa de Papel
Jane The Virgin
The Sinner.
Mountain or Beach ?

I prefer the beach, for me, the beach is the happiest place to stay, I love watching the sunsets, hear the waves. With these simple things, I feel so alive, so grateful. Bu…

3 Most Popular Transactional Email Services for Products

One of the most basic product tasks is sending emails. No matter the interface or device; it can be a web product, a mobile product, TV product, wearable, API, etc.

So your product will send an email to register new users, to restore passwords, shipping notifications, or any message that you need to send to users triggered by internal or external events. It's very very common for a product send emails. In the market exists some alternatives to send emails that maybe your development team want to know.

In the following 2-3 minutes I will mention the 3 main transactional email services to keep in mind. All of them are handled by their API and several software libraries to integrate with specific software languages.

Ok, here we go:

#1: Mailgun
Mailgun is my favorite transactional email service because of their simplicity to setup and integrate.

In Mailgun you can create sub-accounts, so  you can use each sub-account for each domain with separate lists of email. There’s batch sending f…