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AI for Hiring Talent

AI for recruiting talent can improve time and efforts of recruiters, this emerging technology now is adapting so fast and can reduce or eliminate time consuming activities as screening of resumes and interviews. Screening process nowadays represent >50% of time wasting in verify resumes and validate skills.

Big Challenge is validate talent efficiently and faster, change the way to hiring talent and automatize job profiles can be benefit of AI. Team leader are interested in change traditional ways to hire talent. Numerous of big companies are recruiting based in cloud database and company records to check last performance, work behavior and skills.

How to improve screening process?
Manually screening still wasting time resources, especially when 70-80% of received resumes not are qualified, job requirements not are clear or simply people apply to job positions just to have a chance. Recruiting process and shortlisting of candidates can estimate more of 24 hours per candidate, it…

Angular vs React vs Vue.js

We are in a time when there are many JavaScript frameworks/libraries for frontend programming, among the most we have the following: Angular, React.js and Vue.js, this are the first three frameworks/libraries most used by developers, behind them are Ember, Meteor and Node.js

A few years ago we were in the era where many developers did not know what to use, Angular or React, since these were the most popular and more complete in the frontend environment, but in the year 2018 we saw a new member called Vue.js. This new member is a mix between Angular and React, and because of this it has taken a lot of power in the current market by it’s speed and sturdiness. That’s why Vue.js is amazing and we can see it in the top 3 places of the best frameworks/libraries for the frontend development.

In this blog, let's explain a little bit about each one of them, so we can know important aspects and which one is better for our projects.
Angular is the oldest framework, when you…

Best 4 Marketplaces to Find the Right Software Engineer in 2019

Hi 4Geeks Nation! Probably some of you have been getting issues to find software developers or software engineers for your company. You're not alone. We have experienced this feeling at the past. And let me tell you, in business SPEED IS THE KEY.

You know, hiring is hard, frustrating and it consumes much time. Agree? A typical process includes pre-screening, technical interviews (3 in average), negotiation, etc.

Today I want to share with you some websites (or marketplaces) to find software developers on your budget in this 2019. Some of this marketplaces are assisted by AI, others are based completely by humans experts.

Option #1 - 4Geeks Teams:
4Geeks Teams is the first platform to find and hire top in-house software developers in Latin America, launched early 2017. Most North America-based startups and companies prefer worker in their same timezone, and Latin America is pretty near for them, compared with Asia or Europe.

You could rent part-time or full-time developers.

4Geeks Te…

5 Steps to Write a Good Blog Post

Many times we ask ourselves the question, how can I write a good blog? And this could have several answers, so at the time of making the decision to create one we must be sure that the content we are going to provide is of quality and, in this case, we know what ourfuture audience wants, we must also have that special heart, something that characterizes us and that makes our blog stand out from the rest.

The creation of a blog in many cases helps us to position our brand or company and is simple because not much money is invested and we can generate future customers in a natural way, offering content that is useful and quite complete to our audience, this allows us to position ourselves in the face of our closest competitors.

When our content is quite good and is very useful to our readers, Google interprets that our blog is important and begins to show on the results page, this happens when people use keywords related to our company.

That's why in this blog I'm going to give you…