AI for Hiring Talent

AI for recruiting talent can improve time and efforts of recruiters, this emerging technology now is adapting so fast and can reduce or eliminate time consuming activities as screening of resumes and interviews. Screening process nowadays represent >50% of time wasting in verify resumes and validate skills.

Big Challenge is validate talent efficiently and faster, change the way to hiring talent and automatize job profiles can be benefit of AI. Team leader are interested in change traditional ways to hire talent. Numerous of big companies are recruiting based in cloud database and company records to check last performance, work behavior and skills.

How to improve screening process?

Manually screening still wasting time resources, especially when 70-80% of received resumes not are qualified, job requirements not are clear or simply people apply to job positions just to have a chance. Recruiting process and shortlisting of candidates can estimate more of 24 hours per candidate, it's a lot time wasting in a candidate.

AI represent a big help to solve repetitive tasks and can identify behaviors, habits, skills of candidates, an advantage of this technology and how can adapt and interpret human features so easy, AI applied in HR can define work conditions metrics and filter resumes by gender, education, work experience, etc.

Interviews can be a bonus with AI, implementing streaming interviews and video record we can analyze human behaviors, emotions, personality and other important characteristics depending of job requirements. Speeding up these parts of recruiting through automation reduces time-to-hire, which means you’ll be less likely to lose the best talent to faster moving competitors.

Recruiting quality depends more of KPI's that fast method, just measure a performance and reduce inability database loop, storage data is not enough just using efficiently data and improve profiles and candidates information. As data HR now is easy to collect, analyze and standard matching between candidates and job skills as experience, skills and knowledge.

AI Benefits

AI for recruiter promises reduce candidates information that can discriminate for gender, sexual orientation, age, etc. Access of database can improve a real job selection excluding personal beliefs because in a lot of occasions can affect hiring process.

Fast and qualified talent, is the principal promises of AI is reduce time invested to get talent, and validate candidate phase and select a candidate based in filter and profile validations. Fast talent acquisition is an advantage with AI because guarantee automation of process.

Storage data is another benefit of AI because eliminate papers and use cloud to select candidates information, using task and labels to identify and separate candidates depending job descriptions and skills.


Chatbots are currently used by companies to make easy communication between candidates and companies, now chatbots are testing in real time question to validate candidate and providing feedback.

Interaction with candidates can be improved with bots because companies can to collect information efficiently and creating community with interaction, optimize data with chatbots using another tools in cloud to analyze this information.

Predictive Analytics

Data can improve results with big data and compare with past outcomes and predict such as job performance and application engagement, using data efficiently we can better predict future outcomes, Define skills, attributes and patterns we can predict models and work behaviors.

Use data correctly can improve productivity, applying big data and AI recruiters can manage candidates skills, interviews, job ads and inclusive work performance through performance record.

Reducing Hiring Bias

Data collected and analyzed by AI help to solve KPI's metrics and eliminate some of the most problematic human flaws in the hiring process. Reducing hiring bias is a big challenge for companies, Implicit or explicit method used today are old just eliminating common problems as collect, analyze and selection of data we can improve results elimination bias and personal stereotypes that can discriminate qualified talent.

How AI help for hiring talent?

Candidate Classification targeting

Many companies do not have a pattern to pot job ads, not describe enough jobs requirements, probably your jobs ads are reading for wrong crowd. AI improve this process with customization profiles and description, Facebook and LinkedIn are using marching learning and AI to have access to targeted audience. Look for software platform that feature artificial language processing and job taxonomies that can convert your entire job description text into a data model that can be used to target your ad the right candidates on a specific time and site.

Applicant Resources

AI can create followers community, technologies can identify hobbies, skills, labels and others important information of each candidate. Knowing personal information and collecting in database the companies have an interaction with possible applicants. Providing good content and interest topics we have possibility to improve relationships and create a company branding

Efficient Reports

Solutions that offer real-time reporting and predictive insights will fix your data woes and help you measure effectiveness from beginning to end. AI solutions offer a new level of data transparency that allows easily measure ROI across all of your recruitment spend, set better expectations internally, and even improve how and when you allocate your sourcing resources to fill your open positions fast.

Chaotic Communication

AI can improve interaction between recruiters and candidates, chatbots and another software tools and CRM have benefits to accelerate hiring rates, use them to improve communication and have a relationship with clients and your most important human resources. Look for a way to automatize with easy ways as email marketing, chatbots, interviews streaming,etc.

AI is an excellent tool for recruiter to get great talent in a halftime that conventional strategies, automatize process and improve your hiring activities.

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