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Top 5 HR Trends for 2020

The American economy has reached the tipping point with more open jobs than there are workers to fill them. In September 2018, American jobs openings reached a 17-year high, Bloomberg reports. To avoid candidate churn and improve hiring and retention, businesses must be aware of these top five staffing challenges and trends in 2020.

HR trends now are most oriented to emerging techs and how to improve process with help of technologies, recruiters are thinking to retain new talent in a digital era, usually companies are adopting new trends every year to improve their processes.
How are HR Trends & Challenges for 2020? Prioritizing engagementTechnology has made it easier to keep in touch with candidates and keep them engaged. Email and social media channels like LinkedIn or enable always-on communication. Make easier communication is first step to improve a good engagement with our candidates. Use social media a not common website to post vacancies for example Github or can…

How to Avoid Being a Victim of Hackers?

In a digital world now is common that cybercriminals look for new forms to commit crimes and steal data and money not that matter is you are in a remote world, cybercriminals now are making efforts. Most of us like to think we're pretty tech-savvy, but research has shown that 59% of people use the same password for most websites.

This is means that in our websites or social networks as Facebook, Google or Amazon people usually do not update their passwords and web sessions, today the number of hackers is growing, too. Anyone can download off-the-shelf software that attacks sites and web users at the click of a button.

Technically, everything that connects to the Internet can get hacked. But there are several things you can do to protect yourself and your data from an attack.

Here are a few tips that will mitigate the risk of getting your personal data stolen.
#1 Be Suspicious of Email Update regularly your passwords a lot of cyberattacks are launched by a simple email, cybercrimi…

Most Popular Engineers Marketplaces Cost

When a company needs to find and hire candidates, basically has two options: Handling recruitment in-house or outsourcing it to a recruitment agency or post a job in a marketplace.

Recruitment agencies are companies who will help you find and shortlist top candidates for a certain fee in a recruiting marketplaces.

If you handle recruitment in-house, it would be best to hire a dedicated recruiter or even develop a recruiting team. If you can’t afford that, then one of your existing employees should take on the recruitment tasks.

Companies are looking for validated talent, usually hiring process are so long and participation between recruiter and candidates in recruiting agencies have access to different talent worldwide.

There are marketplaces to posting jobs completely free of with a little fee, Hired, Toptal or Upwork are a common marketplaces that have a great data of freelancers and software engineers worldwide. However this platforms have a rates more than $200 USD in average to h…

Top 5 Future Jobs that Companies Will Need

Usually we ask about is about a futurist film with rockets and robots in restaurants and banks. However now this posible with new jobs positions that companies are opened to change to a new era. 

Maybe you are asking this questions: What are the best careers for the future? How will everything change? Is it possible to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow—today?

Many of us would love to have definitive answers for these questions. But, of course, nobody can say for sure what the future holds. The best we can do is make educated guesses based on past and current trends. Still, even educated guesses can help us imagine some pretty astonishing possibilities.

So predicting the best jobs for the future requires understanding that all kinds of variables will interact in complex and surprising ways. Many of tomorrow's jobs will likely result from today's scientific and technological advances. But most jobs of the future probably don't exist yet, and a lot of them haven't even be…

The simplest GraphQL API with NodeJS - Apollo Server - REST

Here you can see a small exercise of queries to a public Pokemon API where you can consult the REST API with NodeJS, and then with the help of Apollo Server provide your own GraphQL API.

In this blog we highlight the importance and ease it gives us for this case Graphql. There is currently a lot of information about Graphql, if you want to know more details, if you need more information or you do not have something clear you can consult Graphql or comment your question and we will gladly give you an answer, personally I recommend the official documentation, It is quite clear and concise, however it does not detract from any of the other sources that know Graphql very well.
With respect to its comparison with REST there are also many blogs, videos, "influencers" in the technological world with articles on the subject; some will say that REST is better, others will say Graphql is better, others only make comparisons and others think that the integration between the two could w…

How to Manage High Perfomance Virtual Teams

virtual or remote team (a small number of people with complementary skills, who are committed to a common purpose and performance goals) is comprised of team members who share responsibility for achieving defined objectives and who perform from a flexible mix of stationary, mobile and/or remote work environments.What is the difference between manage on site developers or virtual employees worlwide, today the re is not a real difference and companies are improving new ways top manage virtual teams.

Virtual teams vs traditional teams There are several important differences between traditional teams and virtual or remote ones:
Meetings are not always face to faceWorkplaces of team members may be in different locations and time zonesCulture – team members’ cultures can be vastly differentRelationships tend to be more difficult to build as team members have different styles and behaviors and there is little or no time for personal interactionCommunication may be hampered because it is not…

Software Versioning

Software versioning is the process of numbering different releases of a particular software program for both internal use and release designation. It allows programmers to know when changes have been made and track changes enforced in the software. At the same time, it enables potential customers to be acquainted with new releases and recognize the updated versions.

How to version my Software?

Why do we need a version anyway? Well, you need some way to uniquely identify the software you have delivered. When you add extra information to it, it is also possible to give information about the state of your software. 
Best practices for versioning my software

New projects start at version 0.1.0You are starting with a set of features, not bug fixes.Increment the minor version for each subsequent release.Start versioning at 1.0.0 if:Your software is already used in production.Other users depend on your software and care when the API changes.You are worrying about backwards compatibility.The init…