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HELP! I need to get organized

We all have been there: there is an amount of tasks, responsibilities or duties and we can’t find where to start and at the end all remain unfinished. This situation makes us feel overwhelmed, motivation decreases, mental fatigue and stress increase. It took me awhile to know how to control this situation, but I have learned to prioritize responsibilities and organize the available time. So, here are a few tips that may help you if you are facing this problem.
Study your context and environment First of all, you may analyze the context you are immersed in: consider your schedule, identify responsibilities, tasks, delivery times and the different spaces for meetings or extra work activities. Also, be self-critical and realize how you are wasting your time lately. 
Define your chores Once you have identified your real time and responsibilities, define the activities you need to do to accomplish those goals, set them a time and a space in your daily agenda. As a recommendation, when yo…

The best of being a programmer

Being a programmer means, among many things, creating our own functional products or for our clients, but it can become for some (apart from a job) a passion, a hobby, a continuous learning, a business opportunity. The experiences become very varied as it is such a dynamic work. Below we share some points that we consider we have in this profession.

We are always updated with technology. Each year we are given many new tools to improve our skills and create better products, thanks to companies and communities around the world. It depends a lot on our work with the technology we use if it is necessary to test new materials or continue working with what we have. But we know that we will have always new options in each of them. We must also take into account that each new tool is an improvement of another that one or many people or companies create them with the reason of simplifying the work comparing with the existing.

We will not always do the same. There is no single way to do things …

5 Benefits of Predictive Analytics Technologies

Business intelligence software is getting smarter every day — using algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning to better understand our business decisions and forecast what tomorrow brings. The latter is where predictive analytics software comes in, providing us with insight into growth possibilities and potential risks.

If the folks that predict these things are correct, the market for predictive analytics software is set to grow to 9.2 billion by 2020. Whether you believe this meta-prediction or not, that’s nearly four times its current market value, so we might want to take the forecast seriously.

People are using new emerging technologies to predict behavior and Predictive analytics software uses existing data to identify trends and best practices for any industry. Marketing departments can use this software to identify emerging customer bases. Financial and insurance companies can build risk-assessment and fraud outlooks to safeguard their profitability. Manufacturi…

API World 2019

This October 8th will be celebrated in San Jose Convention Center a big event for technical leaders, engineers, software architects, and executives the world’s largest API event, the API World 2019.
During these 7 years the host committee have made a great work to brings excellent APIs conferences, workshops, meetups & expo to the participants. This year will count with three day full of opportunities to make business and share with la creme dela creme of the world technology.
The ticket price is from 1.500$ and the some of the featured speakers are:

API is the new IT and its completely necessity for application customers. The information is more flexible and the data-driven allows leaders make decisions through business strategy, and scalability of the product.

Certainly, this event will promises for this 2019. See you there! @APIWorld


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