6 Tips to Build Website Traffic

6 Tips to Build Website Traffic

Growth Marketing
Allan Porras
Allan Porras May 31 2014 • 1 min read

Winning visitors becomes a matter of creative, persistent marketing. The good news is that it’s still the little things that will bring plenty of traffic your way. There are fundamental steps that too many businesses neglect:

  1. Put your URL and a reason to visit your website on all printed matter, including your business cards
  2. Create an email signature with a link to your website in it and have it automatically attached to every one of your outgoing emails.
  3. Website URL or call-to-action words in online discussion groups and chats. Eventually, people will read your profile or ask how you know so much and then you can mention that you work in the industry. Make people want to come to you, visit your site, and buy.
  4. Please, create your business profile on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ networks, and get active in the groups that cater to your web audience. Keep your profile updated.
  5.  Posting items for sale on the major auction and marketplace sites, such as eBay, Yahoo! and Amazon.
  6. Offer a free monthly email newsletter.
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