Andrés Bonilla

Meet Andrés Bonilla

A new project is being developed by a batch of interns since June 1st, Andrés has been an excellent support on it as member

02 Jul
Jason Zamora

Meet Jason Zamora

Since June 1st a batch of new interns has been working really hard in a new project. Jason is one of them, his commitment and

30 Jun
Fabricio Alvarado

Meet Fabricio Arce

The new batch of interns has been working in a new project seens June 1st. Fabricio is one of them, his team leader says that

25 Jun
Alexa Araya

Meet Alexa Araya

Our Internship Program is not only focused in developing engineering skills, there are plenty of options, including Marketing

18 Jun

Meet Russell Batista

Our Internship Program has a successful and retention rate. So that means, most of our interns remains at the company after

11 Jun
Raquel Cordero

Meet Raquel Cordero

Hi! My name is Raquel, I am the Talent Expert of this family. I am always looking for the best talent to join our team and

10 Jun