Best Outsourcing Model For You


Nowadays outsourcing is a business model adopted by many companies due to the current situation. Coronavirus came to change the way of how work is being done; the pandemic is accelerating the digital transformation.

Gender Gap In The Workplace


What comes to mind when you hear the gender gap in the workplace? Many people don’t take this issue seriously or simply have not realized that this happens in

12 Personal Goals for 2021


Given what happened throughout 2020 this new year has given us an opportunity to reexamine ourselves in our goals, careers and priorities. Since 80% of New Year’s resolutions will

Types of Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

Perhaps your business doesn’t have a chatbot at the moment, maybe you don’t know much about the subject, or it hasn’t been possible for you to develop

Be Part of The Present, Remote Work is a Reality

What is Working Remotely? Remote work is kind of a new strategy that companies worldwide are implementing nowadays. Think it this way, instead of having your human talent going from