CannaSafe partner up with 4Geeks to support the cannabis testing labs

CannaSafe partner up with 4Geeks to support the cannabis testing labs

Marketing Team
Marketing Team Jul 22 2021 • 1 min read

Founded by Aaron Riley, CannaSafe is the world's first ISO accredited cannabis testing lab. They're passionate about providing you with accurate data on a product that is meant to be enjoyed responsibly.

They state-of-the-art laboratory detects and identifies contaminants like mold, fungus, microbial activity, unwanted microbes or fungi such as Salmonella or E Coli and pesticides at levels below other testing limits - right down to parts per trillion.

CannaSafe can help establish the quality, integrity, and potency of your cannabis.

One of CannaSafe's clients, Sunderstorm shares its experience on using CannaSafe to test product they sell.


4Geeks put together a nearshore and fully-dedicated engineering team to support CannaSafe daily operations.

Name: CannaSafe
Description: Cannabis testing lab
Country: United States
Solution used: Product Development

In order to give more context on CannaSafe leadership, take a look at this podcast episode on "Leading by Example for Fast-Growth" with Aaron Riley, CannaSafe CEO.

Leading by example is a great way to influence your team and create an environment where people want to come in each day--and that's what you're striving for at Cannasafe, right? I'm so happy we could chat today about leadership and how important it is when you lead by example.

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