First Day At Work: How To Get Through It

First Day At Work: How To Get Through It

Marketing Team
Marketing Team Apr 21 2021 • 4 min read

Hey there! Raquel here back again. I was thinking about that our first day at work can be quite complicated and full of anxiety, especially if it is our first job. We don't quite know how to act, how our future colleagues/leaders will be, we ask ourselves a thousand questions.

First of all, we must keep in mind that if we have been chosen among all the candidates, it is because we meet the profile that the company is looking for. Let's use this thought to calm our nerves a little. Once we are clear about this, let's look at these useful tips for our first day at work:


It is clear that arriving late on the first day of work is a big mistake, although it is not necessary to arrive half an hour early. The person in charge of accompanying us during the first day may have to prepare things before our arrival, and the fact that we are there half an hour early may be uncomfortable for him/her.

If we are working remotely, we should be prepared for any tool installation requirements or initial call.

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Pay attention

On the first day of work we will be introduced to our colleagues and they will explain the basic things we will have to do in the coming months. Sometimes this can be a lot of information for a single day, so it is important that if we have any doubts we ask at the time. It is preferable to ask than to say that we have found out and ask what we "understood" an hour later.

Let's write down the tasks, names, keys, etc. that we are given. Of course, we should ask logical questions and try to write down the solution to our problem so that we don't have to ask the same questions again.

Let's not isolate ourselves

Especially if we are a shy person and find it hard to engage in conversation with people we don't know, we most likely tend to sit at the computer without moving at all. It is advisable that we try to talk a little with our colleagues, ask them questions, etc. If we are going to have a coffee, let's try to do it with them and take advantage of that break to start a conversation.


It is good that on the first day of work we show confidence and decisiveness in doing things, but there are certain limits. If we are asked to do something but we are not sure how to proceed, we should ask. It is our first day, so it is normal that we do not know very well how to do certain things.

Coffee break

There is usually a time when colleagues take a short coffee break. During our first day at work we can take advantage of this time to socialize a little with our colleagues.

Respect the times

If we are asked to have a report or anything else ready at a certain time, it is convenient that we give priority to that, even if we do not mind spending more time doing it, surely the person who has asked us to do it needs it for that moment and not for later.


Contributing ideas is good, but let's not try to impose our criteria as soon as we arrive so that they see that we know a lot. Let's listen first and based on what is exposed, let's put our grain of sand. Maybe what we propose is not in line with what the company is looking for at that moment, but if it is well-founded and logical, we will show initiative.

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Departure time

It is assumed that we will have an estimated time of entry and exit, however, let's make sure that we have finished all the work before leaving, let's try not to leave things half done.

Let's remember that all our colleagues and even our leaders also went through their first day on the job, we are not the only ones. The most important thing is to have confidence and transmit it to others. Let's try to calm our nerves before going in and, above all, let's use logic and common sense, it all works out. Good luck!

Raquel C.

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