Geek Waffle: Changes in me

Geek Waffle: Changes in me

Geek Waffle
Marketing Team
Marketing Team Mar 19 2021 • 3 min read

Hey 👋

What do you think about changes? I think they are good as long as they are moderate and at an acceptable pace for all involved. But well, philosophy aside. Check out these news that are just like this Waffle: perfect for you.

Learning is never enough 🤓

6 Useful Node.js Modules Developers Should Know In 2021

Node.js is an open-source and multiplatform JavaScript runtime environment that allows JavaScript to run outside of a browser. Node.js allows developers to use JavaScript for command-line tools and server-side scripting.

Today, we look into the best Node.js modules to make working with Node.js even easier. So here’s a list of 5 useful Node.js modules!

Introduction to Git In 16 Minutes

Git is a free, open-source distributed version control system (VCS). It's a system that tracks changes to our project files over time. It enables us to record project changes and go back to a specific version of the tracked files, at any given point in time.

Learn Java Backend Development – Live Course By GeeksforGeeks

Java is having a strong dominance and demand in the programming world for many years. The Object-Oriented Programming Language can be used for the development of enterprise applications, web applications, desktop applications, android applications, and much more.

8 Acronyms Every Programmer Should Know

Acronyms are words created from the initials of other words. Nowadays, they are everywhere, and one area in which they proliferate to the maximum is in the technical world, where we are especially given to specifying and simplifying.

Be aware 👀


Here’s everything we know about the new OnePlus phones

OnePlus has an upcoming event on March 23rd, where it’ll be formally announcing the OnePlus 9, and OnePlus 9 Pro. As with any smartphone event these days, there’s a ton of information about what will be revealed at the event, thanks in no small part to OnePlus itself doling out pieces of news over the past couple of weeks.

Amazon’s Echo Show 8 smart display is over 40 percent off at several retailers

Amazon’s Echo Show 8 is on sale at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target for $75 right now. While this is not its lowest price ever (the previous best price was only $5 less), it is still an incredible deal on the normally $130 smart display.

The Echo Show 8 includes a slightly larger display than the Echo Show 5 and also includes support for videoconferencing apps, including Zoom.

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The Growth Hacking Funnel Explained
Marketers and salespeople always are innovating on how to reach out leads andprospects, and turn them customers. Tons of good classical and modernstrategies, from inbound to outbound marketing efforts, was born with one commongoal: sell more, with less efforts. Now it depends in a strong way on …
Six tips to create a successful resume
Creating our first resume is hard, it feels like an odyssey. We completely get it, so here are six tips to create a successful resume.

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