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Geek Waffle: For you

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Marketing Team
Marketing Team Apr 30 2021 • 3 min read

Hi! Here we share with you what we think is best for you this week. Check it out and let us know what you think. 😎

Learning is never enough 🤓

Standardizing the Development Environment of Different Teams in the Same Organization

The fact that multiple teams live under the umbrella of the same company doesn’t automatically mean they’ll be easy to coordinate. From a software development PoV multiple issues can (and normally do) happen when standards aren’t enforced.

Step by step guide to pagination in GraphQL

Pagination means getting a part of data in a large dataset, and continuously get parts of it till the whole dataset has been received.

Why Should You Learn Android App Development?

Nowadays, we have one thing which is always close to us, and it also tells about our interests, behavior, etc. It also makes our life easier in education, health, banking, and many other fields.

Top 7 Programming Languages for Backend Web Development

Even if you’re a beginner the least you would have known is that Web Development is majorly classified into two facets: Frontend Development and Backend Development. And obviously, they both have their respective set of tools and technologies.


Be aware 🔎

Motorola moto g play (2021) review: a fairly good phone for a very good price

TheThe Moto G Play is the least expensive of four phones that Motorola introduced for the US market earlier this year. Introduced at $169, it’s already enjoying an apparently permanent $10 mark down, placing it firmly in budget territory.

Halo Infinite will support crossplay and cross-progression on Xbox and PC

Microsoft is announcing today that Halo Infinite will support crossplay and cross-progression when it launches later this year. This will allow PC and Xbox players to match together and play the Halo Infinite campaign, and the support also extends to multiplayer. Any multiplayer customization and progress will sync across both PC and Xbox.


Feel at home ❤️

The 4Geeks Podcast (2x02): Managing Data with Blockchain w/ Edgar Fernandez
Every day a new technology​ is born, developed, and constantly updated. Blockchain​ is NOT new, but are we aware of all its benefits? Why haven’t weimplemented it in our companies? In this episode, we have Edgar Fernandez, Co-Founder of EOS Costa Rica, one ofthe most outstanding blockchain star…
The 4Geeks Podcast (2x03): Insights of an IT Recruitment Process w/ Johanna Alfaro
When it comes to recruiting​, let’s face it, we all get a little anxious aboutit! So, for today’s episode, let’s dive a little deeper into the area of IT​culture and recruiting! Here our guest, Johanna Alfaro, as a successful IT talent expert, will tell ushow she has managed in her 10 years of …


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