Geek Waffle: Futuristic Thinking

Geek Waffle: Futuristic Thinking

Marketing Team
Marketing Team May 14 2021 • 2 min read

Hello all! 😎

New technologies and futuristic ideas never cease to amaze us. That's why this week takes a small glimpse into the future.

Learning is never enough 🤓

What is HTTP/3, and Why Does it Matter?

When researching the internet and the technologies behind it, you might have come across this term: HTTP. HTTP, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol, is the backbone of the web and is the universal protocol for transferring text data. You have no doubt used it, as the website you learned about HTTP on uses HTTP.

Creating Virtual Reality Experiences with React 360

Virtual Reality (VR) experiences with React? 😮

Is this really possible? YES, it is. With the introduction of React 360, it is now possible to create virtual reality experiences using JavaScript.

Top 5 Frameworks for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Mobile Application development emerged as a completely new field, with the expansion of the domain. Many new different techniques are introduced for Mobile Application Development. Generally, Mobile Applications are either developed for the Android Operating System or iPhone Operating System where the code and technology for the same Application are completely different which is one of the biggest problems for Mobile Application Development Companies.

Building a React Design System for Adoption and Scale

Component libraries or design systems, enable cross-project code reuse and standardization of technology, design patterns, and “looks and feel”.

Be aware 🔎

Microsoft’s foldable Surface Duo is now the cost of a normal phone

This phone released in September 2020 to less-than-stellar reception from Dieter Bohn. In his review, he praised the battery life, the great design of the hardware, and of course, the delight in running two apps at once.

Here’s how E3’s all-virtual event will work this year

The world’s biggest gaming showcase, E3, is going all-virtual for the first time in its history, with organizers revealing today how they plan to keep enthusiasts interested without the sights and sounds of the show floor.

Feel at home ❤️

How To Organize Your Work Day
Don’t let all those tasks torment you and make you feel helpless or worn out. For this reason this week I have brought you a series of tips to help you develop your workday successfully.
10 tips to be more productive working at home
We all want to work from home, but it requires a good dose of self-discipline if you want it to be profitable and sustainable over time.

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