Geek Waffle: r/ProgrammerHumor

Geek Waffle: r/ProgrammerHumor

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Marketing Team
Marketing Team Mar 26 2021 • 3 min read

Hey! 👋 Programming is 10% science, 20% ingenuity, and 70% getting the ingenuity to work with the science. Is it right?

Ok, check out the lates news before immersing yourself in the weekend's sappiness.

Learning is never enough 🤓


11 Programming Languages With Their Honest Slogans    

As software developers, we work with different languages. Switching between different languages is a difficult decision that we will have to make in a few years.

Work Life Balance Tips For Programmers

Forget about the technical things completely for today and let’s talk about the software engineers’ lifestyle.

Learn JavaScript’s Most Feared Feature

Some say that it is the most confusing concept they encounter. For some, it is the most difficult concept to grasp. Some even hate it so much that they try to avoid it at all cost in their code because it creates so much confusion.

Why we should use ASP.NET ?

ASP.NET is a web framework designed by Microsoft Inc. that is extensively used to build robust web applications. In this article, we will analyze why ASP.NET should be chosen over other accessible web frameworks.

Be aware 🔎

Marvel couldn’t wait any longer to kick off its next phase of movies and shows

Disney is debuting Black Widow as a Disney Plus Premier Access title alongside its theatrical release this summer, sacrificing one of its biggest potential summer blockbusters to its streaming service and forgoing what would almost certainly have been hundreds of millions (or even billions) of dollars at the box office in the process.

Bang & Olufsen’s new HX headphones offer 35 hours of battery life for $499

Bang & Olufsen’s latest pair of headphones are the Beoplay HX. They’re over-ear, noise canceling, and offer up to a truly impressive 35 hours of battery life. The headphones launch in black today for $499 (£499 / €499), but there’s a white model coming at the end of April, to be followed by a white and brown version in May.

Feel at home ❤️

The Growth Hacking Funnel Explained
Marketers and salespeople always are innovating on how to reach out leads andprospects, and turn them customers. Tons of good classical and modernstrategies, from inbound to outbound marketing efforts, was born with one commongoal: sell more, with less efforts. Now it depends in a strong way on …
The day has come, my first job interview. How do I prepare for it?
Anxious and scared about your first job interview? We understand you perfectly, for this reason, we leave you a series of tips that can help you to go through this process in a successful way.

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