Geek Waffle: Meme Lord

Geek Waffle: Meme Lord

Geek Waffle
Marketing Team
Marketing Team Apr 16 2021 • 3 min read

Hey there 👋

I hereby proclaim myself the lord of memes. I might even change my name to "Waffle Meme Lord." 👇🤣

Learning is never enough 🤓

Simple Commands In Linux that will Make You Feel Like a Pro

Linux is a very popular and interesting operating system (OS), especially for programmers. The Linux terminal is a very important part of a Linux OS. That means that if you know the basic commands to enter in the terminal, you’ll be more comfortable and confident in using this OS.

7 Tips to Improve JavaScript Performance

When you’re building a website the most important thing that matters a lot for the users is the performance of the website. It is very frustrating for the users when they have to wait for a long time for a webpage to reload.  A lot of websites are built on JavaScript and accelerating the performance of these websites is not easy.

9 Simple Tips to Help You Succeed in Your Programming Career

Good, better, the best! The idea of ​​performance is deeply rooted in our thinking. Not everyone has to be the very best at everything — they desire to be good at one’s own activities. However, it is part of most people’s everyday life.

Best Project Development Tips for Every Computer Science Student

“If you haven’t done Projects then, what have you done?”

Don’t get disheartened by the above statement, but this is the real truth! As an aspiring software developer, it is very much important that you have very good projects in your portfolio. Programming Languages, Data Structures & Algorithms, etc. are the skills and projects are where you apply these skills & knowledge.

Be aware 🔎


Goodbye, funky hacks: you’ll soon be able to download albums on the Spotify desktop app

Spotify’s desktop app refresh seems to be rolling out to users, and it brings with it a very handy feature: album downloads.

With a challenging year in the rear view mirror, 2021 will hopefully be transformative in a lot of ways – and video games will reflect that. The first full year of the new console generation should see developers flexing their creative muscles a little, with new ideas emerging to take advantage of technical advances.

Feel at home ❤️


The 4Geeks Podcast (2x01): Protecting Customers Data w/ Paul Fervoy
As a company, what methods should I implement to guarantee my clients the protection of their data? How can I generate digital strategies that allow my company to stand out in the digital ecosystem?
Best Outsourcing Model For You
Nowadays outsourcing is a business model adopted by many companies due to the current situation. Coronavirus came to change the way of how work is being done; the pandemic is accelerating the digital transformation.


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