Gen Z Workforce In A New Era

Gen Z Workforce In A New Era

Allan Porras
Allan Porras Jul 3 2019 • 4 min read

Heralded as the most diverse, best-educated generation yet — it’s clear that the Generation Z population (those born after 90’s) is much more than simply the “little brother” as they start trickling into the workplace. By next year, Gen Z are expected to make up one-fifth of the workforce.

So, it’s about time you get to know them if you haven’t already!

Sure! 2020 Millennial and Gen Z will make up 46% of workforce in US, And yes, it’s becoming increasingly important to try and keep your best performing baby boomers. But many of us, are busy looking ways to attract new talent, a new problem is coming, Gen Z and Millennial do not like same benefits and work conditions as retirement, vacations or bonus.

New generations are looking for a quality life, free time and acknowledgment as employees and part of a company. Companies are trying to improve culture fit with their employees for retain and attract talent, however this not guarantee an advantage against their competitors.

Who are Millennial and Gen Z?

Generation Z – also referred to as Digital Natives, Where the latter were born somewhere between the early 80s and the mid to late 90s, Generation Z starts around 1996 till 2012.

Don’t get it twisted, Millennials and Generation Z are not created equal. Business leaders tend to bucket these groups together since they’re so technology-driven—and while they do share some similarities—they have just as many differences.

As admirable as millennials’ purpose-driven and achievement-oriented work traits can be, most of us have also experienced frustration from their constant need for feedback and guidance–and proneness to job-hopping.

How to Attract Gen Z?

Tech Natives

The fact that Gen Z does not know a world without smartphones and technology does not mean that not grow without this privileges, their parents and grandparents did not use them, today use a smartphone is really easy and is part of our lives. For Generation Z, send emails and video call or streaming are most basic way to communication and really cheap.

Companies are using apps and software to improve visualization to their target market, apps as hangout and tools and email or simply Whatsapp can save money and shorting time and half in interviews and hiring process in general.

They are one with their smartphones

Use smartphones is the most common way to stay connected, we waste or use phone approximately 30 hours per week, we sleep, eats and go to bathroom with smartphone. Is a bad habit, but companies can use this dependence to interact with their clients and possible talent.

A little tips about how to hire Gen Z, nowadays hiring process are based in stories and how to tell a history, people not are interested in companies branding and how so cool are or their good marketing, people are looking experience and story to tell. For this reason Instagram users are photographers, twitter user are writers and Facebook user are famous and public figures.

A mobile recruitment strategy is a minimum you need. As they organize their entire lives with their mobile phone, Digital Natives look for jobs on their phones too. We could write an entire article about mobile recruiting, but a few elements to keep in mind are:

  • Use images and tell a history, I mentioned this before, but people are connected with emotions and descriptions, is better sell something with a images or sounds that just with words, be creative with message that you are looking for your company or is you are looking for a job, always look a company with a familiar message.
  • Include videos, people do not like to read, for this reason people watch TV and movies, use videos to attract talent in a original and funny way, companies should have a YouTube channel and interact with their audience by this platform or social media.
  • Make easy job application, companies usually use marketplaces and social media to post their job positions, but usually do not offer a effective and fast alternative to apply for job, use apps and alternative platform where your audience are.
  • Avoid a lot text, make a job description so short and clear, not skills or requirement difficult to understand, bear in mind mobile and social media format.

Health and Wellness

Millenial and Gen Z people are focus in good health and fitness, people now are interested in a good nutrition or be fit, avoid stress and anxiety are part of the big companies challenges. Generation Z are looking for key benefits as a good work environment, work assets or simply a better salary.

Sweet Independence

Usually people are thinking in a jail or a routine as synonymous of a job position, influencers and social media visualize a ideal world with lifestyle and travels. People use social media to express and show off lifestyle, for this reason freelancers and entrepreneurs are working independently.

This is a generation that is able to find a YouTube guide for virtually any kind of (tech related) issue. As such, Z candidates are much more self-sufficient than many of their predecessors; they are able to assess a situation independently and if they do need assistance they’ll find it online (via YouTube, help forums and other learning resources).

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