HELP! I need to get organized

HELP! I need to get organized

Allan Porras
Allan Porras Oct 28 2019 • 1 min read

We all have been there: there is an amount of tasks, responsibilities or duties and we can’t find where to start and at the end all remain unfinished. This situation makes us feel overwhelmed, motivation decreases, mental fatigue and stress increase. It took me awhile to know how to control this situation, but I have learned to prioritize responsibilities and organize the available time.

So, here are a few tips that may help you if you are facing this problem.

Study your context and environment

First of all, you may analyze the context you are immersed in: consider your schedule, identify responsibilities, tasks, delivery times and the different spaces for meetings or extra work activities. Also, be self-critical and realize how you are wasting your time lately.

Define your chores

Once you have identified your real time and responsibilities, define the activities you need to do to accomplish those goals, set them a time and a space in your daily agenda. As a recommendation, when you start doing any activity try to finish it instead of doing something else. If you feel tired or burned out, take a break to improve your commitment with the process and increase your creativity.

Identify and avoid distractions

Before avoiding distractions you have to know how to identify them, take your time to know what affects your concentration and what reinforces it. Once identified, work with them. If your cellphone and social media distract you, leave them aside for a while, you will have time to check them out later. If listening to music helps to improve your concentration, make a playlist with your favorite music and enjoy it.

Find a way to get organize yourself

And finally, find out your own organization method, because the more responsibilities more organization is needed.I’ve heard lots of excuses like “I’ve always been like this.” or “I can’t help myself” and none is a valid one, there are lots of apps that can help or blogs alike giving advice and tips.

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