We are so happy to introduce you 4Geeks Payments, and API to process debit and credit cards. Our development team has been working so hard on last months.

This service is in BETA, so we are allowing only a limited number of companies in Costa Rica. If you are interested, please go to this page and apply by filling the form. We are working hard to allow new countries, so please follow us on Facebook.

Right now 4Geeks Payments API only works with Costa Rican companies, but it can charge money from global credit or debit cards

  • Simple (manual) charges or subscriptions model (recurrently).
  • 5.5% + $0.30 per successful transaction. No contracts. No hidden fees.
  • Support 24/7

We feel this service can improve the local entrepreneur vision, by putting on your hands the best tools to going global faster.

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