Introducing 4Geeks Links

4Geeks Links let businesses or individuals to get paid on social media via a payment link. No website or software required.

Introducing 4Geeks Links

Nowadays, e-commerce has become the most efficient way to interact with customers. But I am not talking about only online selling; cash has become a thing of the past and the ways for payments have evolved. Now, not only businesses but also entrepreneurs are using these virtual methods to charge their customers, because they are a faster and easier process.

Today, I am thrilled to introduce to you Links, a no-code tool, which allows you to get paid in seconds, and it also doesn’t need a banking setup process. This great tool lets you create links inside the platform 4Geeks Payments. Links allow businesses, shops, entrepreneurs, or whoever who uses the platform to charge for their products or services without having to own a web page or online shop.

Therefore, if you are selling services or products through Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Telegram, any shop can send a payment request, so that the customer is allowed to pay with a credit or debit card. When the transaction is approved, both customer and business will receive a real-time notification, which is how you know that everything is ready. In addition, commerce can access the information of every transaction in the Dashboard. No registration is needed for customers, which allows you a simpler and faster experience.

Links use the core of 4geeks Payments, so you can charge with cards like Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX; this provides you a secure and fast procedure in every transaction. By the way, with 4Geeks Links, you get free payouts, which means that you can get deposits automatically every single day, week, or month with no charge. Also, Links is available for every customer globally.

These are the steps you have to follow to generate a new payment link:

  1. Enter the Dashboard and look for Links in the menu is on the left.
  2. Insert the data such as charge, concept, addressed, etc.
  3. Copy the link and send it to your customer through WhatsApp, or Instagram the platform of your choice. By default, the link will be sent to the email of the customer

Every payment link has time to use up to 7 days before using it, and the customer can only use it once. For every payment successfully completed, we charge only 5%. There are no extra charges or hidden fees. In addition, we don't secretly charge you extra fees, you always know what you are paying.

For businesses, shops, and commerce, Links is free, however, when a purchase is approved it may incur normal costs of 4Geeks Payments.

What benefits can you obtain by using 4Geeks Links?

  • Open a free account, we don’t charge for registration.
  • Link a bank account. This bank account is where the money will be transferred.
  • Collect payments. Within just a few seconds, the payment will be processed, and a real time notification will appear on your screen showing everything has been done successfully.
  • Offer an easy and fast way to pay.
  • Accept multiple banks for payments with credit and debit cards.

We had an interview with Randy, head of Tech Leads and Full Stack Developer and DevOps in 4Geeks, and he introduced us to what 4Geeks Links is about. This is a short video where he resumes why this is the best option for your business and everything you have to know if you are using 4Geeks Links.

We also have a section where you can learn about Links, which has all the details, explanations, and tips for its use. You can have access here, we encourage you to check it out!

One of our current customers is Home Arenal Rafting, which is a website that offers “the best white water rafting tours at the Arenal Volcano. Our professional staff will provide you with a personal experience while running some of Costa Rica’s most amazing rainforest rivers, like Balsa River or Sarapiqui. Spend a day on the river with Arenal Rafting, and you’ll be sure to have tons of fun and make lasting memories with new friends & family. Arenal Rafting is the only white water rafting company that is owned & operated by a local of La Fortuna/Arenal Volcano. Daniel Anchia is a pioneer of the adventure industry. He is recognized as a national athlete that represents white water rafting in the Northern Zone of Costa Rica and is a member of the Costa Rica National White Water Rafting Team.”

They use Links on their own webpage to charge their customers, and this provides them multiple ways to pay, so they can choose which one is the most convenient for them. They also have their own refund policy; in case a customer needs a refund, we will proceed by respecting their terms and conditions.

We hope you have a great experience, and that you can take advantage of Links and grow your business!

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