Introducing 4Geeks Memberships

Introducing 4Geeks Memberships

Marketing Team
Marketing Team Aug 9 2022 • 3 min read

4Geeks has different services inside Console, which allows you to manage your business in the most efficient way. In case you want to use 4Geeks as your platform for payments, but Links isn’t the most suitable way of charging for your type of business, we introduce you 4Geeks Memberships. This kind of payment will give you control, and organization over your business, and this will also build trust between you and your customers, guaranteeing their payments and providing them with your service.

4Geeks Memberships is a complete subscription and membership management tool for SaaS products, with no pain needed. In terms of charging, it is the same as the other ways of payment; 5% + $0.5 USD per sale. No extra fees.

If your type of business it’s the one where your clients need to pay a yearly, monthly, weekly, or any kind of subscription, this is the best platform for you. 4Geeks Memberships will allow you to create a fee that your customer will pay in the frequency you establish. 4Geeks Memberships will allow you to create billing plans and manage subscribers from UI, so you can see who paid, and who don’t, and price your service as you decide and want to. Setup new recurring plans directly from Console and set the right parameters you want to support, like free trial days, amount to charge, or interval to charge (monthly, quarterly, annually, or custom).

Your customers can pay with major card brands, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, and also they can be residing in any country since we are allowed to charge globally. This allows you to give the best experience to your customers, and also to have a complete and excellent organization in your business. We know how important is this for you because you have to track your finance in order to have control over your company and over your clients.

This tool was created for companies like Netflix, Star+, or even your local gym since it is for people who want or need to pay for certain services in a certain frequency of time; which no always but in most cases, they make these payments in long term. We offer you this kind of service because we saw that we had great success with our other services, but they were not suitable for this type of business. With this platform, you will be able to charge your clients at a frequency of your choice, or your customer's choice. This also means that your customers will pay with no hesitation, and they will not forget to pay since it will automatically discount from their cards, no matter if they have a credit or debit card.

To create a Plan in 4Geeks Memberships, you have to follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the Plan menu, in Console.
  2. Insert data to create the Plan.
  3. When you are done, you have to click on the blue button which says Create Plan.
  4. Every single Plan will have a specific URL for customers to subscribe to and unsubscribe, that you will use to subscribe clients to that Plan.

Currently, it is not allowed to unsubscribe customers from the Plan, so clients themselves have to unsubscribe for the Plan if they want to.

If you want to delete a Plan, you have to:

  1. Search and select the Plan that you want to delete, that will be placed in Planes.
  2. Click on the red button that says Delete Plan.
  3. You have to write the name of the Plan in the window of confirmation, and press the blue button, Confirm.

When everything is done, and your customers are subscribed to the Plan, a real-time notification will be sent via mail.

Once you are all set up, your Plan is created, and your customers are subscribed to the Plan, you will be able to grow your business; without noticing it, you will be more relaxed and organized.

We had an interview with Randy, head of Tech Leads and Full Stack Developer and DevOps in 4Geeks, and he introduced us to what 4Geeks Memberships is about. This is a short video where he resumes why this is the best option for your business and everything you have to know if you are using 4Geeks Payments.

Having control over your business will provide you with clarity to eject whatever choice you have to make, knowing that your platform for payments will provide you with everything that you need, and you have ways for contacting support anytime you need it. In case you have a problem or inconvenience, do not hesitate to contact We are here to help and to listen to you!

If you want to know more information of 4Geeks Memberships, we invite you to visit this website, where you will be able to find every detail.

We hope that you have the best experience with 4Geeks Memberships, and that this platform will help you to grow your business and take where you want to be.

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