Meet Julian Maffoli

Meet Julian Maffoli

Human Talent Management Department
Human Talent Management Department Apr 13 2021 • 2 min read

At 4Geeks, we have developed a strong internship program to help students who are ready to graduate, improve their professional experience, and expose themselves to projects similar to those they will face in their first job opportunities. Julian is one of those students and is really committed as a programmer on each project

I asked him a few questions, to know him better. Let’s see what he has to say…

How will you describe yourself?

  I like to describe myself as a persistent person, if I have a goal in my mind, I’ll do whatever I can to complete it. Also I am an active person who likes to get up early and enjoys coffee.

How do you enjoy your free time?

 I love traveling it is my favorite hobby but right now it is complicated, so I start new hobbies like car repairs or skate. Also I try to travel the most I can inside my country and consume local products everywhere I go.

Best series you have ever watched?

The Good Place and Brooklyn 99 I cannot choose.

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Mountain or the beach?

Both depends on the season.

Do you practice any sports (adventure, extreme, endurance)?

Yes, I practice CrossFit everyday at 7:00 am and on weekends I practice Mountain bike or trail running and of course a complete day of rest.

Which kind of music do you like?

My music taste it is a little but weird I could enjoy an intense Cumbia but if the next song is Death Metal will enjoy it too. Music surrounds me all day long, sometimes makes me feel stuff or improve my workout.

What are your top books of all the time?

A big nope for me. I’m such a bad reader….

What are your top 5 movies of all the time?

    1. Pulp Fiction
    2. Kill Bill vol.1 & vol.2
    3. Fight Club
    4. Grease
    5. Saturday Night Fever

Which is the best part of being part of the Internship Program?

The best part of being part of this internship is that I am really close to the real work of a programmer, everyday we have meeting, practice the concepts of SCRUM with every sprint and I am in constant learning.

What are your goals for this year?

My main goal this year is finishing my bachelor’s degree and may be at the end of the year travel to the US again.

We really enjoy writing and reading about our team members and always learn new things from our team, even if we don't work directly. There are still many members to meet, stay tuned.

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