Welcome to another interview of the series Meet our Geek Team. On this occasion we talk to Maria Laura, which is the person in charge to find 4Geeks talent around the world. Most of our engineers and talent is here because of her. She is from Venezuela.

Maria Laura answered some questions about her and her tastes:

How will you describe yourself?

I describe myself as a very organized person, I don’t like improvisation and I always endeavour to doing good. If it’s possible, on my part, live at peace with all.

What do you do in your free time?

 I like to listen to music, rehearsing with my choir, reading books and watching series and movies.

Best series you have ever watched?

  1. Black
  2. American Crime Story
  3. How I Met Your Mother

Mountain or Beach ?

Beach, always beach. I just love the relaxing sound of the sea and swimming.

Do you do sports (adventure, extreme, endurance) ?

I currently don’t practice any sport. I just sing in a choir.

Which type of music do you like?

All good sounds of rock, reggae, tropical rhythms, classical, instrumental music, jazz, blues.

What are your top 5 books of all the time ?

  1. Animal Farm.
  2. Harry Potter.
  3. Cien años de soledad.
  4. La tregua.
  5. The Goal

What are your top 5 movies of all the time ?

  1. Star Wars.
  2. Whiplash.
  3. 12 Years a Slave Mask.
  4. Obsessed.
  5. Finding Nemo.

What is the most excited part of being 4geeks talent acquisition ?

Knowing people from many different places.

What is the most challenging situation you had faced in your current position ?

In one opportunity, I provided distorted information to a candidate, because I wasn’t familiar with the Costa Rica laws. Fortunately, the situation was solved.

Which is the best part of being part of 4Geeks team ?

I love the working methods and the coworkers always are willing help you. Unfortunately I can’t join them in all outdoor activities (she is in Venezuela).

What are your goals for this year?

1. To spend a wonderfull time with my family at the Margarita Island.
2. Buy a car.
3. Emigrate.

Whenever you need help on how to start making ideas into reality though technology, 4Geeks team is up and ready, just reach out to us at hello@4geeks.io.

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