Meet María Toledo

Meet María Toledo

Human Talent Management Department
Human Talent Management Department Apr 15 2021 • 3 min read

The main objective of our internship program is to expose senior students to real job scenarios and projects, so they increase their professional experience. María is one of the  interns and until now she has done an excellent job at 4Geeks.

I asked a few questions, to everybody know her better. Let’s see what he has to say.

How will you describe yourself?

I am a kind and responsible person. I don't mind working long hours also I can work under pressure because I try to take those moments as an opportunity to achieve something better. In general, I am an organized and punctual person.

How do you enjoy your free time?

In my free time, I like outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping. I really enjoy doing these activities with my husband, and we have a list of places we want to visit to do them. These are the things I enjoy the most.

The Best series you have ever watched?

I'm not much of a series watcher, I'm more of a movie watcher.  But, at some point, I saw, and I really liked a series called "La Mantis" which is a police series. I also watched "La Casa de Papel" I only liked the first season. And sometimes I watch a series on Netflix called "I am a killer" where they expose cases of real killers who are on death row.

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Mountain or the beach?

I like both because the mountains are perfect for hiking and getting to know rivers and waterfalls. But the warmth of the beach is always needed. I couldn't decide between the two.

Do you practice any sports (adventure, extreme, endurance)?

I do not practice a specific sport.

I like walking and hiking. They are the activities that relax. I've been trying to jump rope, but I gave it up, I have to take it up again.

Which kind of music do you like?

I don't have a specific style of music, and I'm very changeable with the music I listen to, I guess if I hear a song and I like it, I keep listening to it for a long time.

But if I have to say a specific one I would say romantic music.

What are your top books of all the time?

I don't read much on my own because I have been a student for a long time and I read the books they suggest for study purposes.

However, a few years ago I read a little book called "the five love languages" which is a personal growth book that I recommend reading at any stage of life.

I read the bible because in my personal opinion it is a book full of history, which nourishes me as a person and I love it. At this moment in my life, I am reading a book called "Who I will marry" which is a book that talks about marriage, and it is very interesting to read it even after I am married.

What are your top 5 movies of all time?

My favorite movies of all time are:



"Atrápame si puedes"



"Bajo cero"

Which is the best part of being part of the Internship Program?

The best part of this internship is the real job experience, the real demands of being part of a company's workforce.

In my case, after spending a lot of time studying you are eager for an opportunity to show your full potential and of course to acquire a lot of new knowledge and skills.

Surely an experience like this allows you to do that.

What are your goals for this year?

My goals for this year are to get a job, continue with my university, and build my own house.

I may not achieve everything in this case because there are projects that are long-term, but already this year I am working to achieve them.

We really enjoy writing and reading about our team members and always learn new things from our team, even if we don't work directly. There are still many members to meet, stay tuned.

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