Phishing to iOS and MacOS users

Phishing to iOS and MacOS users

Usually threating to block user accounts if they don’t click on the link or any other trickery is how phishing attacks have reached up to 1.6 million in iOS and MacOS users during the 2019.

As Tatyana Sidorina, security researcher at Kaspersky affirm, this increase is due to the fact that the Macs and other Apple devices ecosystem is generally considered a much safer environment. Therefore, users use to be less cautious when they found fake websites.

The entire Threats to macOS users report reveal other types of common fraud and also presents recommendations that try to help the users reducing the risk.

Although the threats present a great volume in Windows and Android users  platforms, when its about phishing the risk is the same for the iOS and MacOS users and the above mentioned, thou the attacks nothing have to do with the software they use.

Many times, we think a private and reliable environment to work will fully protect our information, but not doubt all this series of threats makes us reflect on the caution and the good eye that we must have to know how to differentiate a legitimate notice of a fraudulent one.


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