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4Geeks Teams vs Toptal

Startup Staffing

Recently we introduce you to 4Geeks Teams, our most important effort to connect LATAM-based talent (software engineers, designers, data scientists, product manager and more) to great tech-based companies. The thing

Why Go Remote?

Startup Staffing

Today I woke up at 6:30, took a shower, prepared breakfast, and was already working at 7 am from my living room; no traffic jams, no need for dressy

Who Need a Staffing Firm?

Startup Staffing

Have you ever wondered why people use staffing firms to find work? Maybe people do not have idea how they work —or have a little bit idea- What are benefits

How We Hire The Right Talent

Startup Staffing

Get the right people for every start-up, every company is vital. We need people to get on track easily, communicate well and deliver. We think that people is the heart