Why to Focus on Build a MVP First?

Why to Focus on Build a MVP First?
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Startup founders are coming crazy over-thinking a solution and the look and feel. Some of them are spending a lot of time and money thinking in what great, and getting a wrong way.

The correct way is always where the client is. MVP is Minimum Viable Product and it’s exactly that. The main core to solve an specific problem. Look at the following graphic to get to know what a MVP is and what it’s not. Then, I will describe every single point below.

MVP is built to learn and apply customer feedback. Since it refers to a new idea, the startup owner should acknowledge and accept the fact that a possible user reaction is unknown and probably negative. So, It’s essential to get user feedback and see if the startup has a potential. I think this is an intelligent starting point.

To clarify a little more how to identify what MVP is, I’m going to describe you the difference based on my own experience building digital products.

MVP is…

  • Supposed to solve a real problem: Focus on solve a real problem, with zero budget. This is the most realistic and challenge way to operate.
  • Built to learn user feedback: This is why smart founders are building MVP, because they want to learn what users think about their solution, who is more able to test your idea that clients.
  • More minimal than you think:  Don’t build any strong product at this stage. MVP is a very very minimal solution. Most cases, is nothing about technology, apps or something like that.

MVP is not…

  • About getting profit: Focus on learn as much as you can, then use that information to build very very strong profitable product in a second or third stage.
  • Designed to impress users: Get users feedback instead of impress them.
  • Supposed to see it as end product: Remember, the first goal is to get user feedback quickly and change over time.
  • Carved in stone: MVP is made to easy pivot, with no frustration.

There is not final decision about what MVP is, but the only real import thing is to keep things easy. If you want to learn more about this, I suggest to read Lean Startup by Eric Ries. There you can learn the basic to found a healthy startup from a early stage.

If we can help you to build your MVP write us an email. Our multidisciplinary team (developers, designers, digital consultants, and entrepreneurs) has a lot of experience building strong product from a basic MVP. Millions of people are using products designed and built by 4Geeks.

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