Open Source Software Day 2019: Fun Facts

September 21st we will celebrate Software Freedom Day is an annual worldwide celebration of Free Software. SFD is a public education effort with the aim of increasing awareness of Free Software and its virtues, and encouraging its use.

Software Freedom Day was established in 2004 and was first observed on 28 August of that year. About 12 teams participated in the first Software Freedom Day. Since that time it has grown in popularity and every year we have more than 300 events organized by over 100 cities from the world.

Principal propose of this date is known more about advantages of open source software and how can benefit us in different areas as education, fintech, health tech, etc. People use open source software to share information to people and based in these ideas emerging technologies as Blockchain can have a lot of participation in Open Source Systems.

What is Open Source Software? Open Source  means any computer program whose source code can be studied, copied, modified, im…

What Does Resume Say About You?

A lot of people and employees are looking a good job and great salary conditions, usually candidates do not know how structure a good resume and It actually is your first impression between you and potential employers and can connect with HR decision makers can help you to increase probabilities to get the job. Whether they just brush it aside because it’s no different from others or whether they call you up to schedule an interview will depend on this.

Resume can say a lot of important information about candidates, how people can in structure personal information, experience and degrees can say a lot of candidates, but not necessary put extra information about goals, challenges or hobbies maybe not are a good idea to impress recruiters. Usually recruiters are looking for important details of candidates, job experience and degrees are information that companies are looking for hire.

Make a resume different that can attract attention is not difficult, is necessary put attention to deta…

Business Intelligence - How to get more sales?

Business intelligence usually refers to computer software and other tools that collect all sorts of complex business data for a company and condense it into reports. The collected data may focus on a specific department, or give an overall view of the company's status. Large corporations with huge amounts of data to process are most likely to benefit significantly from business intelligence, though smaller concerns use it, as well.

Develop Business intelligence software may help a company identify its most profitable customers, trouble spots within its organization, or its return on investment for certain products. Although a companywide business intelligence system is complex, costly and time-consuming to establish, when implemented and used correctly, its benefits can be significant.
Sale more are important  part of the big companies challenges and every department of the organization have a more effective means of gaining greater insight into their side of the business without h…

5 Phases of Digital Product Development

Design, develop a digital product is not a easy way, usually people think that develop digital products as Spotify or Netflix was easy and just depends about a platform or API to connect with different devices. A few years ago we would only speak about “websites”, which were mostly showcasing your company. Sometimes an e-commerce section would be provided as well but not e-commerce have a transformation to mobile commerce, people usually smartphones or laptop around 20 hours per week.

Growth digital product now is necessary to stay competitive in a global word, usually companies are looking ways to attract new emerging markets, a solution-based approach to problem-solving rooted in “Design Thinking” will ensure you invest in the right idea.

MVP Do a market research to clearly outline the problem your target audience is facing. Also, find out if they are willing to pay (and how much) for this service you are about to build and ideate with help of friends and family.Perhaps you already …

4Geeks Product Development Cycle

One of the most important challenges when you are building a digital product (software product) is to figure out the right balance, because maybe there will be many different team working on that product, and then you want to get small releases in a short-time.

We have got a huge increment in our product development experience by participating in past projects/products, dealing with very huge issues, in different industries. We never will forget every single solution we applied in the past to make real a product.

Do you know Uber, right? We create the same platform with the same technology, 4 years before Uber launched in the US. I will talk a bit more about this in another time. In this post I would like to present you how we solve the old product cycle by applying the 4Geeks Product Development Cycle. It includes business and technical skills.

Here the secret:
#1. Brainstorming: This first step is very very important, because it's the base of your product success... or fail.

If …

Remote vs On-site Software Engineer

The increased acceptance of remote versus co-located teams and the availability of effective tools that enable it are among the most significant trends affecting technology industry employment today. Companies are adapting to new changes a freelance and outsourcing companies are providing talent solutions worldwide.

As with most things in business, productivity and cost are the dominant factors when choosing between remote and co-located workplaces. But there's no one answer—what works for some firms doesn't work for others.

Big problem is communication and management between companies, but now technology tools allow an easy online communication, not matter the country that provide the outsourcing services.

Remote work is still an emerging field of study, and data on the effectiveness of distributed teams is largely anecdotal. But there's a substantial amount of research on open offices and spaces, which is the usual alternative to working remotely. Studies on open offices …

Easy Exercises to Practice at the Office

Average working hours a day is 8 hours, in some cases is a little bit more, we spend most of our day working. A considerable percentage of the population works sitting in front of a computer, which brings great benefits in the workplace, but it is not so in the field of health.

People who are seated most of the time develop a series of conditions, especially those who are affected by sedentary lifestyle, vision problems and posture.

There are other associated problems such as carpal tunnel, low back pain or even spinal disc. That is why in this blog I’m going to share some of the most common conditions that people who work sitting most of the time probably have, as well as some easy exercises they can do to avoid these discomforts.

Column and cervical When we are in the chair of our work we tend to adopt a hunched posture which can exaggerate the natural arch of our spine, in addition to the creation of this hump, the disks of the vertebrae are worn, which are shock absorbers and allow…

Staying Productive While Working From Home

What does working from home mean to you? What motivates you about it? This is a concept going way to popular these days and apparently people relate it to spending all day in pajamas, not being tied to a schedule... even not showering. Anyway, work from home is great when you know how to lead your responsibilities.
Working from home is one of many empowering ways the company uses to show its trust in your work and skills. So, it requires self-discipline and be able to differentiate this benefit from the holidays. The fact of getting stuck to the computer all day could make you believe you are doing things that seem to work when they really are not. That's why here I leave you 5 tips to be efficient while enjoying this benefit.
#1 - Get ready for the day This may not be a tip for everybody. Many people feel more comfortable working in pajamas. However, a good shower before you start and your favorite (not overdressed) clothes can give you extra motivation.
#2 - Get an agenda or a pl…

Top 5 HR Trends for 2020

The American economy has reached the tipping point with more open jobs than there are workers to fill them. In September 2018, American jobs openings reached a 17-year high, Bloomberg reports. To avoid candidate churn and improve hiring and retention, businesses must be aware of these top five staffing challenges and trends in 2020.

HR trends now are most oriented to emerging techs and how to improve process with help of technologies, recruiters are thinking to retain new talent in a digital era, usually companies are adopting new trends every year to improve their processes.
How are HR Trends & Challenges for 2020? Prioritizing engagementTechnology has made it easier to keep in touch with candidates and keep them engaged. Email and social media channels like LinkedIn or enable always-on communication. Make easier communication is first step to improve a good engagement with our candidates. Use social media a not common website to post vacancies for example Github or can…

How to Avoid Being a Victim of Hackers?

In a digital world now is common that cybercriminals look for new forms to commit crimes and steal data and money not that matter is you are in a remote world, cybercriminals now are making efforts. Most of us like to think we're pretty tech-savvy, but research has shown that 59% of people use the same password for most websites.

This is means that in our websites or social networks as Facebook, Google or Amazon people usually do not update their passwords and web sessions, today the number of hackers is growing, too. Anyone can download off-the-shelf software that attacks sites and web users at the click of a button.

Technically, everything that connects to the Internet can get hacked. But there are several things you can do to protect yourself and your data from an attack.

Here are a few tips that will mitigate the risk of getting your personal data stolen.
#1 Be Suspicious of Email Update regularly your passwords a lot of cyberattacks are launched by a simple email, cybercrimi…