4 Keys to Get Your First Product Customers

4 Keys to Get Your First Product Customers

Allan Porras
Allan Porras Sep 30 2018 • 2 min read

Hi guys! Thanks so much for be there. In this occasion I want to share with you some points about how to get your first customers.

You already know that engineering skills are required to be successful with your product… but we are missing a very special thing: sales! It can be the next Netflix, the next Facebook or whatever big thing to want. If we don’t have paid customers, we actually have a hobby.

I’m obsessed with grow products around the globe, and you need to be as well. “Successful is our duty” says Grant Cardone.

So, in this post I will share with you 4 points to need to pay attention:

#1 Focus on your customers, not in your product or competitors.

Most founders don’t understand this. On your business, the customer is the king. Again: focus on your customers, not in your product. Finally your customer makes your product real, so, please listen to them.

Put your customer first always.

#2 Be obsessed with data analytics.

What gets measured, gets managed“.  If you are head of product, you must to love charts and data analytics.

You need to be familiar with Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics, Kissmetrics, Google Data Studio or Microsoft BI.

#3 Build empathy with your community.

Listen, listen, listen. Close your fucking mouth and listen again. Don’t move a single finger before to know how it can improve your community goals.

Start a Facebook Group, WhatsApp chat, Slack channel or whatever you what to keep in touch with your community members. Answer frequently common questions publicly, maybe on YouTube Live or Facebook Live.

Notice that I said community, not audience.

#4 Don’t sale… share value first.

You don’t want they sell you a house, but you want to buy a house. It’s a different point of view that you need to focus in order to insert as much value as you can. Expose your talent, where people can evaluate your skills and experience. Help people to solve problems.

Finally I would like to invite you to watch my webinar when I talked about how to convert your simple visitors into paid customers, in B2B. It’s a simple cycle that you need to customize.

What’s your biggest problem to grow and scale your product? Write in the comments.

If you need help with your product design and development, just let me know. Here at 4Geeks we have a strong skilled team ready to help you. Want to see the portfolio? Go ahead! Contact us at any time.

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