5 Steps to Write a Good Blog Post

5 Steps to Write a Good Blog Post

Many times we ask ourselves the question, how can I write a good blog?

And this could have several answers, so at the time of making the decision to create one we must be sure that the content we are going to provide is of quality and, in this case, we know what our future audience wants, we must also have that special heart, something that characterizes us and that makes our blog stand out from the rest.

The creation of a blog in many cases helps us to position our brand or company and is simple because not much money is invested and we can generate future customers in a natural way, offering content that is useful and quite complete to our audience, this allows us to position ourselves in the face of our closest competitors.

When our content is quite good and is very useful to our readers, Google interprets that our blog is important and begins to show on the results page, this happens when people use keywords related to our company.

That’s why in this blog I’m going to give you 5 basic and simple tips that can help you in the growth of your company by writing good material for your blog.

#1 – Get to know your target audience:

Being in direct contact with our community helps us know better their possible needs. Understanding them and putting us in their shoes helps us to write more real content. A good way to get to know our audience is through the support of other social networks like Instagram, where we can create small surveys to know the interests of our community and that this will provide us with topics for future posts.

#2 – Plan your content:

When we already have a clear idea about what we are going to write, it is likely that many ideas abound in our heads, so we must organize and plan well what day we will upload our post, the ideal is that all of them have the same structure them in a convenient way.

#3 – Clarity:

At the time of writing we must be clear, use words that are easy to understand, when we use very technical languages it is possible that not all of our community manages the same language, so we must create texts that are understandable, we must take into account that, most of the times, we are writing to help solve problems so we must be clear and concise in the information we provide.

#4 – Titles:

The title is the first thing that our reader sees, in a certain way it is a guide and it is what attracts them most quickly to our publication, this because we are in competition with other contents of the first page of search engines like Google, a excellent title could carry some of these characteristics:

  1. Keywords
  2. Interesting
  3. Generate curiosity
  4. Convincing

#5- Write the best text:

Create attractive texts is of real importance, in order to please our reader, also we must remember that we are promoting our brand, so we must put enough love on this, in order to create a useful and complete post, and that is of great help to the community that reads us. Some features to make our text more attractive could be:

  • Interesting and pleasant
  • Mention examples
  • Includes images and info graphics
  • Generates interaction with the reader

In conclusion, if we want to attract more people to our site and have a better brand position, we must always be clear, understand our audience and give them the possible answers to their needs.

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