4Geeks and Arenal Rafting let explorers to live outdoor adventure experiences

4Geeks and Arenal Rafting let explorers to live outdoor adventure experiences

Marketing Team
Marketing Team Nov 26 2022 • 2 min read

Arenal Rafting is a well-known adventure tourism company in Costa Rica that offers outdoor extreme adventure activities such as whitewater rafting, canyoning, zipline tours, and more.

The company has been in operation for over a decade and has gained a reputation for its excellent customer service and safety standards. However, Arenal Rafting was facing a problem with its online payment system. Customers were having difficulty paying for their bookings online, which was affecting the company's revenue.

Name: Arenal Rafting
Description: Outdoor experiences
Country: Costa Rica
Website: ArenalRafting.com
Solution used: 4Geeks Payments, 4Geeks Links


Arenal Rafting had been using a third-party payment gateway to accept online payments. However, the system was not user-friendly, and customers were experiencing difficulties when trying to complete their transactions. This was resulting in lost bookings and revenue for the company.


Arenal Rafting approached 4Geeks, a leading software development company, to help them improve their online payment system. 4Geeks suggested building a custom payment gateway that would be user-friendly and easy to navigate. The new system would allow customers to complete their transactions seamlessly, without any technical glitches.

To start, 4Geeks conducted an in-depth analysis of Arenal Rafting's existing payment gateway system. They identified the main pain points and bottlenecks that were causing customers to abandon their bookings. Based on their findings, 4Geeks designed a custom payment gateway that was tailored to Arenal Rafting's specific needs.

The new payment gateway was built using the latest technologies and programming languages. It was designed to be responsive, mobile-friendly, and secure. The system was integrated with Arenal Rafting's existing website and booking system, allowing customers to complete their transactions seamlessly.


The new payment gateway was a huge success. Customers found the system to be easy to use and navigate, and they were able to complete their bookings without any issues. As a result, Arenal Rafting saw a significant increase in its online bookings and revenue.

The new payment gateway was also highly secure, which helped to build trust with customers. The system was designed to meet the highest security standards, including PCI-DSS compliance, which is a must for any online payment system.


4Geeks helped Arenal Rafting to overcome a significant challenge by building a custom payment gateway that was user-friendly and highly secure. The new system has enabled Arenal Rafting to accept online payments seamlessly, resulting in increased bookings and revenue. This case study highlights the importance of having a well-designed payment gateway system that meets the needs of customers and businesses.

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