The Best of Being a Software Developer

The Best of Being a Software Developer
Photo by Grzegorz Walczak / Unsplash

Being a programmer means, among many things, creating our own functional products or for our clients, but it can become for some (apart from a job) a passion, a hobby, a continuous learning, a business opportunity. The experiences become very varied as it is such a dynamic work. Below we share some points that we consider we have in this profession.

We are always updated with technology.

Each year we are given many new tools to improve our skills and create better products, thanks to companies and communities around the world. It depends a lot on our work with the technology we use if it is necessary to test new materials or continue working with what we have. But we know that we will have always new options in each of them.

We must also take into account that each new tool is an improvement of another that one or many people or companies create them with the reason of simplifying the work comparing with the existing.

We will not always do the same.

There is no single way to do things in our work and we will not always do the same because of the global demand of our customers. Today we provide web services, mobile, support, audits, databases, ETL (extract, transform and load information), among many others; and it is difficult to think that we should focus on a single technology or a single platform, we would be giving up first the amount of resources that technology gives us to exploit the maximum quality that we can provide in our work.

Then we also stop learning in the various areas that our career allows us to explore and grow our knowledge and experience.

We can work from wherever we want.

We are fortunate to be able to work from anywhere with the necessary conditions, it is something that few jobs have the flexibility to provide it and not because they do not want to, but simply because they cannot do it.

Our services are indispensable.

We will always have a demand for work, as long as we are prepared to take on challenges in any technology, as we stated in one of the previous points, the more prepared we are in knowledge, the greater areas of work we will supply.

At this time, for everything that is done you will need an application or a technological service, and that is where we take a lot of advantage compared to other occupations, our work is generated day by day and demand will grow , but we must be prepared enough to be able to bid.

We can choose our course (mobile, web …).

The time will come that we will decide a specific area of ​​work, and it is a great advantage compared to other occupations, usually in other careers the same will always be done or with small variations; we learn every day with new technologies, tools, methodologies … That is our focus, constant learning. Until the time comes when we can among so much technology, choose a course as the favorite for whatever reason.

We constantly live in contact with different people and cultures.

This is perhaps one of the best points. The variation of clients that we can get to know allows us to learn a little about their culture and customs and prepares us every day to be more complete people, making dealing with new clients a more pleasant experience for both parties.

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